Two Best Minimalist Window Treatment Ideas

While I believe in the colorful, light blocking, and insulating properties of most window treatments, sometimes you just don’t want one. This may be the case when you wish to maintain your peaceful view. Alternately, maybe the season has changed and the weather is warm and you don’t want fabric or wood materials visually holding your space captive amidst the warm, fresh air on the other side of your windows. Just as you wouldn’t wear a heavy, wool sweater in the sweltering afternoons of August, your interiors just feel better when lightened up and cleared out. Now, before you declare that your windows will remain uncovered and naked, consider two special options that will not only add to your space, but will also enhance your cherished view or the feeling of openness that you desire.

Sheer Shades

For the most ethereal window treatment, Sheer Shades diffuse the light entering your windows, gently saturating your space with a soft, gentle aura. Sheer Shades are a cross between a blind and a shade that are both elegant and versatile. Sheer Shades perform similar to a blind with the look and feel of a soft treatment. Airy and light, their internal vanes are sewn together between two soft, translucent fabric layers for soft light control. The vane sizes are designed to give you a full view to the outside. The sheer fabric creates the diffusion of light and the blind section adjusts the light that passes through the windows. Sheer Shades align to create openness and filter the light, but overlap to make your space private. Sheer Shades come in a variety of horizontal band widths, colors and textures. This unique combo of a sheer fabric and an opaque layer makes this a special window treatment.


Banded Sheers are another similar choice as strips of sheer and solid fabric vanes are sewn together for a modern and clean look. Banded Sheers are also called Zebra Shades. Banded Sheers are constructed in a continuous roll with alternating bands of a sheer fabric and an semi-opaque layer, but the horizontal vane connecting the front and back panels of other Sheer Shades is not present. Banded Sheers offer a more dramatic feel to any room.

All of our Blindsgalore Sheer Shades are available in a variety of neutral and muted colors and are available for any window, but to note, Vertical Sheers are an elegant way to treat patio or sliding glass doors. When you want to upgrade any oversized windows with a vertical treatment, consider Vertical Sheers for your impressive windows or doors with glass windows. You won’t be disappointed.

If you are thinking of a whisper of a window treatment, Sheer Shades are beautiful with a delicate, warm feeling, providing any room with excellent but flexible light filtration. Their gauzy fabric allows for an open view, yet privacy is maintained. Like all of our Blindsgalore shades, our Sheers are customizable to match your style, your color scheme, your exact window, made just for you and your home.

Solar Shades

My second favorite for a minimal window treatment that packs a punch is Solar Shades. Distinctly made with a fabric that is tightly woven, Solars are thin and hard working to protect your home from the heat and brightness of sunny days. Likewise, at night, annoying streetlights, neighbor outdoor lights and even bright moonlight is greatly reduced. Solar Shades actually protect against UV rays entering your windows, yet optimize the view. You can manipulate the openness level of any Solar Shades to personalize the level of light control and visual transparency to the outdoor view.

Solar Shades are a streamlined window treatment but can reduce energy costs by 15% and the UV resistant material is antimicrobial and flame retardant. For today’s “screen world obsessions,” sunlight and glare are greatly reduced so that you can binge on your favorite movies or shop or work on your mobile devices during the brightest of days. Of course, Motorized Solars are the perfect choice as you can easily raise and lower the Shades with the click of a remote. More importantly, Solar Shades are a modern, eco-friendly, “barely there window treatment” that harmonize with today’s lifestyle of ease and simplicity.

Yes, Solar Shades come with lots of perks! Here’s a review from John in Wisconsin, who absolutely loved his Blindsgalore Outdoor Solar Shades.


Window treatments can be simple and powerful. Both Sheer Shades and Solar Shades are hard-working, yet instill a casual “no frills” look for today’s window needs.

Featured Image: Blindsgalore Sheer Shadings