Top Your Windows With These Valance Window Treatment Ideas

I am always searching for ideas to rejuvenate my home whether it be a new pillow on my sofa, rearranging a vignette on my mantle, or if I’m feeling super adventurous, even repainting a room. A wonderful tip to refresh your space is to add a valance over any window in your home. Valances were first popularized during the Baroque period and although their shapes and fabric choices have grown in those 400 years, they have never gone out of style. There are various window valance ideas, but choosing the perfect idea may come easier if you follow this guide to top your windows with any of the following valance window treatment ideas.

Sources: FarmHouse Room
Sources: FarmHouse Room

Why Choose a Valance?

Window valances are a decorative accessory, but finishing off your windows with a valance will make them appear taller, conceal drapery hardware, add depth and detail to the room, and hide architectural flaws such as differing window heights. Valances are a stylish choice for every room in your home and are an especially nice touch in kitchens and bathrooms as they add softness to their surroundings.

It’s amazing how much taller these windows look after adding a valance!

Valances also offer the chance to display your unique design personality. Choose a fun, bright fabric if you dare to be bold or match your valances to your drapes for a more traditional approach. You can create a coordinated designer look by taking inspiration from the ambiance and colors already within your space including walls, sofas, rugs and window treatments by choosing a complementary valance window treatment idea. Before you choose a valance, balance the window proportions to the size of your chosen valance. Remember the adage of Goldilocks: “not too small, not too big, just right!” But don’t worry, it’s not intimidating. Just know the height of your valance should be 1/6th the overall height of your whole window treatment, whether it be drapery, cellular shades, or a bare window.

Valance Styles

Below you will see the variety of styles you can choose when selecting your personal balance, but don’t let the words confuse you. At BG we make it simple as we offer you a more curated assortment.

Old School

These draped and fluffy ruffles veer to the romantic, more flamboyant design valance style. Classic style and draped valances make a lovely addition. A valance with more draped details will give you a more traditional look.

Modern Flair

A more tailored and traditional look can be designed with color coordinated drapery and valance or you can mix up your window treatments and fabric choices. They do not have to be matchy-matchy, just color coordinated.

On My Own

Valances are bold enough to stand on their own as a simple touch can have a big effect. Any design style can benefit by adding a dainty sheer or a splash of color over a window. It can make quite an impression but remember you do not need to have window blinds or drapery to highlight your design style. A valance is perfectly pretty on its own, letting all the natural light shine through. If you are a DIYer, making a simple but unique window topping can easily be styled with some bright scarves, colorful bandanas, a stenciled piece of burlap, an interesting piece of driftwood or any patchwork of materials that evoke the mood of your room. Check out Pinterest to pique your imagination.

Be Colorful

Whether you are going for a pop of color or want to coordinate with a bold wall, valances make it easy to introduce different hues and tones into a room. Adding a colorful valance will turn your windows into a focal point.


Valances are the topping to beautiful windows, but you can make these accessories even more interesting. Look for decorative piping, beads, sashes, or fringe details. Adding these special touches will give your windows another layer of interest. This is an especially good technique if your valance and drapes are the same fabric.

Valances are a beautiful and practical window accessory that will enhance the ambiance of any room. Give your windows a little extra attention and enliven your view with your favorite valance design that will return the favor with endless compliments.

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