Five Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

A fresh new year beckons us to open ourselves to reconsider some easy ways to brighten up our homes and rethink why sometimes we get bad vibes when we come into a room, not even realizing why those sad emotions arise. Our homes are our refuge from the storms of life and I have some simple ways to always be happy and comfortable when coming home and being home.

Find Perfect Window Treatments

Perfect Window Treatments are always number one my list as you already know how important mitigation of light, openness and privacy and decor style contribute to a pleasing home as Window Treatments are the main ingredient to solve these issues, as morning moves into night. Each room has particular needs in regard to function and for your unique requirements to be met for each window in your home. Blindsgalore has every kind of Window Treatment imaginable in every style, color and function that varies from room to room during the day from sunrise to sunset. If you are new to Blindsgalore, please know that we are experts in solving any of your window covering questions as we have been dedicated solely to creating the best solutions for every window, skylight, patio or sliding glass door or any opening that needs some shade. We are entering our 26th year (Family Owned Mother and Daughter Team) in creating affordable yet beautiful Window Treatments, classy, timeless, modern and innovative.

Create Rooms Lit Bilaterally

Rooms that are lit from multiple sides are more pleasing and relaxing when light emanates from two or multiple sources of light. I know it is not always possible to have windows of light surrounding each room, so it is imperative that you take special care to select Window Treatments that can give you maximum sunlight during the day and more lamps and center lighting to make up the deficit of few windows, especially at night. If you are lucky to have high ceilings, that extra light is a bonus for those rooms. If you can, you should plan on “over lighting” as dark, shadowy rooms are sad. Many windows are a bonus to creating a happy home and finding the special coverings for your windows at Blindsgalore is just a click away.

Design Pools Of Light

Not only do you need to have many sources of light, but it is important to create particular zones of light. These “pools of light” accentuate special areas within each room and add intimacy and privacy. You don’t always want a lot of harsh lighting, but the ability to monitor the light levels for different activities is important. The added bonus of the correct Window Treatments can help augment the mood for different occasions. In addition to selecting specific Blinds or Shades, if you choose to “motorize” your Window Treatments, with an easy click of the button, your room is transformed quickly for warmth and coziness.

Avoid North Facing Rooms

If you can, always avoid living in a house or apartment if all the rooms face in a northerly direction. You will never be happy as the light that flows from the north is always cool, and without the natural warmth of sunlight, our moods get out of whack as our natural hormones of serotonin and melatonin need to be nourished by sunlight. Many of us get sad and depressed during cold winter months because our bodies so crave sunlight, but if you only have north facing windows, depression deepens. Open your windows wide and be assured you have chosen the best Window Treatments to surround you and your family with mood enhancing sunlight during the day.

Use Natural Materials

Even though synthetic materials are popular due to their affordability and adaptability, natural materials such as wood, stone, marble and brick, actually enhance calmness and a feeling of well-being. Plastic, metal, stainless steel and other harsh materials actually make us feel stressed and irritated. Just think how you feel once you enter a hospital or most doctor’s offices and many corporate offices and workplaces. Our homes, for sure, need the comfort and calmness of nature to restore our hormones like serotonin and dopamine to make us feel better.

Design your rooms in hues that are evocative of nature and the outdoors by using the colors of forests, beaches, oceans and mountains. Use natural materials such as leather, velvet, cotton when you can on your furniture or accessories. Green plants and fresh flowers always bring in the organic vibe.

A collage of beautiful rooms with organic and natural elements
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Window Treatments, such as bamboo and jute add another organic level of serenity. Another favorite of mine are real Wood Shutters. I personally gravitate towards the feeling of our organic and natural Blinds and Shades as as I feel connected to a more wholesome feeling of happiness at home.

Many times, just changing little things, can evoke calm, happiness and contentment. Windows are ubiquitous in our homes, and a refresh of Window Treatments might be the uplift you need for the new year, even if it is only one window that is the focus of your everyday living or maybe you just need to open those windows and feel the warmth of the sun. The days ARE getting longer already, the angle of the sun is changing and Spring is rumbling underneath the ground, even if we cannot feel it.

A small plant, breaking out of the concrete and into the sunlight
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