How To Simplify Your Windows

As we invite in the new year after such a troubled time and after months of isolation and unease, what are we longing for to make our homes even more comfortable? Have we learned anything about the design of our “more lived in and worked in” spaces? I think I am safe to say that many of us will continue a long arc of being isolated but not stuck. Positive change must be within reach and as we strive for peace and tranquility even as snow or a crust of ice settles around many of us. I admonish you to clear out any of the raucous colors and designs and create some quiet corners to soothe your burnt edges. A favorite way of mine to warm up is to simplify the window treatments. See how these four ideas work for windows, but can also be a template to orchestrate a smooth voyage through the chilly months ahead.

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Keep It Straight and Smooth

Search for window coverings that mount inside the window frame to keep it minimal and crisp with no frazzled or ragged edges. You want your window treatments to be evenly and sharply encased within the window frame to create a sense of fluidness, with no bulky distractions. Choose wood or faux-wood blinds for their classic simplicity and ease of transitioning to any style, whether in a distressed light finish or the traditional wood stains. Wood blinds are time honored and we have every color or finish you might need. We have 95 wood paint colors and stains and 25 faux stains with colors. Hopefully, you will find the color choice that fits your design needs.

Roman Shades are one of our most favored window treatment styles. Roman shades add pizazz and design flair with soft folds that ooze comfort. Update those windows with a modern stripe, a chic pattern or a textured woven wood. If you choose a subtle design or color or are drawn to the wild side, snug roman shades will block out the light and keep out the frigid days and nights.

Put It In Neutral

Coast through these solemn days with the calmness of neutrals as an antidote to the craziness we just left behind. Neutral colors on window treatments provide an easygoing background to all the other things going on in your now crowded and busy home. A neutral bedroom, living room or family room always pleases and settles into any vista.

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Every style of window treatment will fill your neutral needs here as still the favorites continue to be all the hues of white, ivory, beige and taupe. You may choose a soft fabric, the texture of wood, the pleats of a cell shade, the nubby features of wovens, the smooth slats of shutters or just about anything you want. We will deliver your personally designed window treatments, custom made just for you. Wrap not only your windows in a covering of calmness, but throw on your shearling overcoat or faux fur comforter and bask in the mellow embrace of a natural palette.

Play With Petite Patterns

Stay away from big and bold patterns that energize and enliven a room if you are soaking up the stillness of placid, non-confrontational days. If you love patterns, look for tiny designs on your window coverings to add minimal style with a colorful subtlety to create interest without detracting from your overall light design touch. Roller shades and roman shades are replete with colorful yet delicate designs and you can always find a perfect match.

Try On A Tailored Look

Are you the Katherine Hepburn kind of person who longs for the long and lean look with a trim and sharply defined line? Your windows can replicate that look, too, with panel track blinds which offer straight lines with a neat appearance, just like a bespoke tailored suit. Panel track blinds are a simple window treatment for large windows or sliding glass or patio doors and effortlessly glide back and forth quietly to give you the ultimate simplicity in large window treatments. You can also mount panel track blinds to the ceiling as a room divider to carve out a special quiet nook (we all need that)! Don’t overlook these blinds as you strive for a whisper of a window treatment.

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What is more traditional or classic than shutters? Simple wood slats, nestled into a frame, outline any window shape to fine-tune a room with clean lines and restraint. I always recommend shutters for their ease and sophistication to transition to a formal or informal style. For the ultimate in a discriminating and precise window treatment, you will find many shutter selections here at Blindsgalore.

Subtle window treatments can frame a new view to carve out a serene spot of solace as we settle in for some mellow days. Take this more placid time to energize for a new season of hope and promise to surround yourself with warmth. Indulge in the the simple ways to be fashionable, comfortable, snug and peaceful.

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