A Fall Serenade

As the sun drops further from its high peak in the sky and the angle diminishes, a melancholy light suffuses the days with the intimation of the change of the seasons, even if still imperceptible. My thoughts turn inward as we prepare to change, too, burrowing into our homes, memories bittersweet of things past. Brimming with the gold-leaf of fall days, I am sharing with you, “Fall Song,” and hope a memory is unearthed to keep you warm.

Fall Song

It is a dark fall day.
The earth is slightly damp with rain.
I hear a jay.
The cry is blue.
I have found you in the story again.
Is there another word for “divine”?
I need a song that will keep sky open in my mind.
If I think behind me, I might break.
If I think forward, I lose now.
Forever will be day like this
Strung perfectly on the necklace of days.
Slightly overcast
Yellow leaves
Your jacket hanging in the hallway
Next to mine.

-Jo Harjo

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Featured Image Source: Michael Forster Rothbart Photography