Fall Home Trends

Don’t be left out in the cold if you have not discovered the fall trends. Just as you are thinking about getting out of your joggers and comfy at home/work clothes and reconsidering a step closer to dresses and the patterned textures of puffy pullovers or the new “slacket,” or spare me, flared denim jeans (we called them bell-bottoms), our homes yearn to be upstyled for a more hopeful season. Mark down some of these home looks as we salute Fall as we anticipate the shedding of this tense past year. Here are some of the new trends that will inspire your style choices and a cautionary note that is timeless and always on my mind.

Source: Naydidom
Source: Naydidom

Fall Colors

Deeper Green

Green continues to be a soothing color but this season the hue will be deeper, warmer and earthy. The brilliant green of Spring and Summer gives way to a deep olive as the Autumn leaves turn to dust. Don’t overlook the unusual green squashes and gourds to introduce into your Fall décor. Think Army Green, Pear Green, Blindsgalore Green or any of the more dusky hues. Look for our full array of Green Window Treatments to clear the way for a new horizon. Did you know that the color Green actually decreases our heart rate, calms and comforts us. We all could cheer on this color after such a difficult year. Find your favorite Green mood.

Vibrant Yellow

Yellow maintains its hold on us as a dominant color for 2021, but a brilliant yellow is startling this Autumn as a jolt from our muted and boring gray and neutral attire and décor. Looking towards a better future, yellow amps up our dreams for brighter days. Did you know that yellow is the first color the eye processes? Yellow sparks our imagination, blatantly commanding our attention. Use yellow on your windows as a joyful statement whether you choose a solid color or a lively patterned shade.

Stripes on Stripes

Wearing stripes on stripes is becoming a fashion statement for Fall. We have a special affinity for stripes. Perhaps that is an American habit as our Flag is a particular patriotic symbol for us. However, putting together stripes on stripes can be tricky to pull off. If you are thinking about designing with stripes on your window treatments or in your personal fashion choices, here are a few tips. Select ONE color to unify the whole look. Use a VARIETY in the width of the stripes you choose. Select thin stripes for the window coverings and thicker stripes on the pillows or on the chair cushions or be a bit mad and paint wide, boisterous stripes on your walls. DIVERSIFY the textures of the stripes on each piece to create a multi-dimensional effect so that everything does not blur together in chaos. At Blindsgalore, we have some traditional striped window coverings that can be easily paired with your desired striped décor.

Source: TogandTog, Houzz, HazPic, CutandPaste
Source: TogandTog, Houzz, HazPic, CutandPaste

Home Offices

Home offices are here to stay and if you have procrastinated and have not redesigned your bit of a corner or a closet or you filched your guest room, the time is now to at least tackle your windows. Quit fighting the glare on your screens or the bright streetlights when you are burning the midnight oil or you are just tired of those dated, metal, ugly, noisy blinds. We have the biggest variety of styles and colors, all personally customized for each and every window in your house, all at an affordable price. When you update your closet or décor for Fall, remember your windows are in your view every day.

Outside Is Now In

Gathering together has taken on a new meaning and our attention is more focused on making our outside places, more comfortable year around, larger, and thoughtfully designed for all activities. Outfitting your patio, porch or large yard has never been easier to choose the style and price point and essentials to make outdoor living an extension of your home. Some “firsts” on my list are a fire pit or a chiminea, comfy seating, mood or task lighting and a table with seating for dining by the sun or the moon. If you love being outside as I do, consider a Shade Sail to stretch across your patio for protection and privacy. Solar Screens can also be mounted outside a portico for more enjoyable entertaining. New technology in outdoor fabrics has upgraded our outdoor living experience. Make the most of each day and night when gathering with your personal “pod.”

Done and Overdone

My best advice from what I see here in Southern California is the vibe of “Overdo.” Our senses have been muffled and crushed by the uncertainty and vulnerability of this past year and the design trend is to “go BIG” and surround yourself with lots of decoration, mix and match patterns with checks and stripes. Look for organic forms in furniture, laden with chunky knits in primary colors. Frame your view with lots of plants and dream of a far-away place with a large exotic mural. However, my real self believes that we need to gather strength and make our homes the place to be calm and safe, for I think the storms might yet be surging. For me, it is not the time to break open and crack the shell that we have been so vigilantly guarding. I do hope that the days of our discontent will wither with the turning of the leaves. Trends come and go, but the real focus of our lives should be to nurture a place for the personal, precious people in our lives- the one real and true intention we can protect and embrace.

Source: At The Picket Fence
Source: At The Picket Fence

Featured Image Source: Hooked on Hue