How Do I Pick A Solar Shade?

If you’re looking to block distracting sunlight, but aren’t ready to give up on your view, a solar shade is your best bet. These special solar-blocking shades are usually made of a vinyl or PVC coated polyester material and can be paired with nearly any other window treatment. Think of them as sunglasses for your windows!

solar shade

The most important factor to keep in mind when picking out your solar shade is the level of “openness”. This number ranges from 0% to 14% and measures the amount of light that the solar shade will let through and how easily you’ll be able to see through the material. The lower the number, the more closed the shade will appear and less natural light you’ll let in. Solar shades are a great way to cut down on glare without completely shutting out your view. After deciding on openness, choose a print or pattern that will best match your décor and pair with your existing blinds or shades. Solar shades are the ultimate window covering in minimal style for sunny spots but with utmost protection.

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