How Should I Cover My Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding glass doors are the most functional window you will find yourself covering. With people sliding these doors open and close every day, it is especially important to find a window treatment that can withstand the constant traffic while also providing your home with all the necessary features it needs.

Vertical cellular shades are one of my favorite options for sliding glass doors due to their insulating properties. On hot summer days when sunlight is shining brightly, cellular shades will softly filter light while trapping air in between the window and your home, saving you money on cooling costs. Available in a wide variety of colors, you can effortlessly match your vertical cellular shades with your existing decor.

Sliding panel track blinds are also a great way to cover sliding glass doors. Featuring large panels sliding on a single track, the fabric provides flexible privacy while softly filtering light. Solid colors are versatile and high quality fabric will withstand the test of time in this high traffic door.

Another stylish way to cover sliding glass doors is with drapery panels. Layer them on top of vertical cellular shades or panel track blinds or leave them alone for a soft, elegant look that will provide you with privacy and light control when needed. Regardless of what you choose, feel confident that your sliding glass doors can look just as beautiful as any other window in your house. With so many color and design options, you’ll never have to skimp style for functionality.

At Blindsgalore we have plenty of solutions for your sliding doors, including tried-and-true vertical blinds