Blindsgalore Newest Natural Woven Shade Collections

Our brand new collection of Woven Wood Blinds have arrived just in time for Spring decorating season, with an explosion of texture and warmth to enhance our serene feelings of comfort as we anticipate the arrival of warmer weather and longer days to savor the new burst of life. As always, this specially curated selection of Blinds is sustainably produced using materials that are harvested from regenerative forests in Chile, New Zealand and Canada and are organic and woven from reeds, bamboo and grasses which imbue our homes with the coveted natural vibe.

What I love about these new Woven Wood Shades is that we have created many custom weaves and colorways that you can only find here at Blindsgalore and the materials and varied choices are exclusively our own. Since we are still family owned, my daughter, myself and my designers have created this beautiful, subtle, but highly favored assortment of choices that can be designed in any style- casual, luxurious, eclectic, subtle, modern or sophisticated. Woven Wood Blinds are so versatile and inherently naturally beautiful, any home is instantly enhanced.

Take a look at the lineup of our latest Natural Woven Wood Shades.

Blindsgalore Classic Natural Woven Shades

Our Classic Natural Shades are handmade from bamboo and mixed weave materials that are most commonly found in traditional Woven Wood Blinds. You will like the price point with excellent quality.

Blindsgalore Luxera Natural Shades

For the quality of the woven material, bamboo, mixed weaves and some grasses, there is a broad colorway here from light to dark and cool to warm. With so many choices, I highly recommend you browse through this collection and order your favorite fabric samples to see these materials up-close-and-personal.

Boutique Serenity Natural Woven Shades

Don’t overlook this line of Serenity Woven Shades for the best luxury price and quality. We designed this collection with only grass weaves which are exceptional and the fine weave feels more like fabric with a designer look. Each Blind in this assortment requires an edge binding in sateen which adds another level of natural beauty and the stitching is beautiful as an added layer of refinement.

If you are into the details, here are a few more unique specifics about our new Woven Wood Blinds:
• A thinner profile on the Headrail allows a more accessible mounting depth for easier installation
• Liners come in 6 light filtering colors
• Blackout Liners are available in 4 colors
• Valances come in Standard or Waterfall
• Lift option can be Cordloop, Cordless or my favorite is Motorized
• Decorative Edge Blinding is superior

Swatching is very important when choosing to design your windows with Woven Wood Shades, as the nubby and tactile look and feel of these blinds cannot be appreciated by an image, but need be touched and felt by you. We offer FREE samples and our beautiful swatch packet will be expeditiously sent to you from our office in San Diego, CA, where we are all working with you to find the perfect Window Treatment. That is all we do here at Blindsgalore, as we are the experts and the FIRST online seller of Window Treatments since 1995. Head back to Blindsgalore and pick your 15 favorite Woven Wood Blinds to get started today. I promise you that we will guide you all the way to your special, custom made Window Treatment.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, WOVEN WOODS are my personal favorite!