Peace & Love from Blindsgalore

Growing up, this time of year, my mom nudged us to celebrated it All. Trees lit up you could feel the light through the ceiling upstairs, paper luminarias with delicate cutouts lining the path to our front door, candelabras for days strung together like a nonstop visual incantation of hope. And I can’t forget thick hot chocolate on chilly holiday mornings, sung a cappella (don’t ask me to sing each chorus of Carol of the Bells, because I will), carols sung by Tom Petty, in fact, soulful chants of any origin.

When asked what I wanted for the holidays this year, my request has remained the same: peace and love. Let’s celebrate to remember why we’re here. Oh and presence over presents. Unless, of course, your present is a shade because I want to celebrate that gift, too.

Peace and love,

Alissa Walters
CEO of Blindsgalore, Daughter