Small Kitchen Window Treatments

Opulent windows framing a broad sink basin are every decorator’s dream, but let’s be honest. Sometimes we have no other choice than to work with what we have. When a remodel is out of your budget, upgrade dull and lifeless window coverings to make your window and kitchen appear larger. No matter how small, narrow, or oddly shaped your kitchen window is, your ideal design can easily be curated. Your windows should always remain functional and efficient while still boasting elegance. Achieve this by trying one of my favorite small kitchen window treatments.

Small, pesky windows can be difficult to dress, but at Blindsgalore, custom made window treatments are our specialty.



Valances consist of hanging fabric that only covers the top of your window. Due to their placement, valances make your window feel finished without sacrificing the natural light that makes our small rooms appear larger. Concerned about prying eyes? Just add a light filtering Roller Shade beneath to still increase the light shining through your kitchen windows while adding privacy.


Café Curtains

Maximizing natural light can best be done through the use of minimalistic window treatments like café curtains. Hanging by a rod, these curtains play a trick on the eye by only covering half of the window. Café curtains allow light in up top while still adding an elegant design element with coordinating colors or exciting patterns on the bottom.



Roller Shades

Roller shades are a brilliant small kitchen window treatment, consisting of one piece of fabric attached to a spring roller mechanism. Easy to clean after any spills or explosions (hey – it happens to the best of us), they also sleekly roll up, leaving your small window wide open. Looking to make your kitchen and window appear larger? Choose a roller shade in an opaque material to allow filtered light while drawn and zero bulk rolled up.


Roman Shades

Classic Roman Shades are made of tailored fabric and look great on any window – especially in the kitchen. Softening the sharp edges of your small window, Roman Shades draw your gaze up to the ceiling. Whoever said small windows had to be boring? Tried-and-true, this look can be jazzed up with fun pattern or textures.



Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are a favorite for small areas because they can be installed right above the frame, instantly making your window appear taller. No other window treatment adds texture, warmth, and a touch of natural color the way woven wood shades do. Custom made to fit your window, opt for a bamboo shade to avoid any warping if your window is near a hot oven or messy sink.


Home is the most comfortable place in the world. No other place has all of your collected treasures, fondest memories, or loved ones under one roof. Big or small, home is where the heart is, and I believe you have every right to live in the most pleasant place imaginable.