What Are The Best Options For Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors are a functional feature that add natural light to your home while also creating another entrance to your outdoor oasis. There are a number of different options for covering sliding glass doors. Because of their sheer size, it is important to cover these doors as the opportunity for heat loss or gain through the glass is critical in keeping your home comfortable.

The basic window covering solution for such a large application is vertical blinds, available in both vinyl and fabric materials. Panel track blinds are another option that consist of panels of fabric attached to a track. They slide closed to completely cover the window and then stack compactly when opened. Vertical cellular shades are an ideal insulating treatment if temperature control is a concern and they operate like regular cellular shades, but are opened horizontally as opposed to up and down. Lastly, drapery is always a convenient solution for covering sliding doors. Since sliding glass doors cover such a large expanse of glass, carefully select the material to match the desired temperature control as it would be a shame to unduly mask the beauty of the outside view with a dark and clunky window treatment.

With so many options to treat sliding glass doors, you can easily combine beauty and function.

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