What Are The Best Window Treatments For My Bedroom Windows?

Quality sleep is essential to our well-being as we navigate our way through this stressful, yet wonderful world. Bedrooms should be a personal sanctuary where we feel free to unwind and catch much needed rest. Light of all sorts is extremely disruptive to our sleep patterns. Television, smart phones, and sunlight beaming through the windows all play a part in overstimulating our brains as we try and sleep peacefully. Whether you have the graveyard shift and rest during the day or you work a regular nine to five job, sunlight has its way of creeping into the bedroom and waking us before we have reached the ideal seven to eight hours of sleep we are supposed to get every night.

Blackout shades are the best window treatments for your bedroom windows. Featuring tight-fitting inside mounts and the addition of a liner, blackout shades have the ability to block out 99% of all incoming light, creating complete darkness in your bedroom. Lucky for you, blackout shades are not limited to only a couple of styles. Today, you can get the blackout feature with panel track, cellular, roman, roller, woven wood, and pleated shades. My favorites would have to be roller, cellular, and roman shades. Blackout roller shades are the most economical and sleek window treatment to shield you from annoying light. Cellular shades give your room a crisp, modern look while providing complete darkness as well as top-notch insulation. Roman shades are a soft, elegant option that will add a sense of calmness to your room while also providing impeccable light blockage. If any of these shades don’t excite you, drapery is always a great option for bedroom windows. Covering your window from top to bottom, you can add a liner to drapery or just use panels as a secondary layer over your existing window treatments for extra coverage.  We spend so much time sleeping that you deserve to wake up renewed each morning by blocking out light.