What Do I Need To Know About Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters refer to the popular interior shutter of today that is a sturdy window treatment, composed of wide louvered slats that tilt to allow for privacy and light control which are framed within a solid architectural framework and installed within the window frame for the neatest, cleanest look with an accurate fit. Although many new prototypes are now available to offer a shutter look, I want to give you the best tips when you begin to choose “real” shutters for your home. Since shutters are one of the most aesthetic window treatments that add real value to a home, you need to be so precise when measuring to ensure a perfect fit.


For an inside mount, you need to measure horizontally in three places (the narrowest) and vertically in three places (the shortest). Then, measure corner to corner or diagonally and this dimension must be within 1/8″ of each other. Always use a steel measuring tape for the most stable and correct measurements. If you decide that you want an outside mount, use the inside mounting instructions first, and then add on the dimensions of the frame style. I always recommend a call to our design experts to guide you through the measuring process for complete accuracy and peace of mind. Shutters are too beautiful, so you want them to fit snugly and perfectly. In addition, shutters are made from real wood with many choices of stains and offer an impressive style, but shutters made from vinyl or composite wood are better suited for high heat and high moisture areas. Whatever you choose, be assured that this window treatment is timeless, matches all décor styles, is energy efficient, child safe and easy to clean. What more could your windows need? Shutters win the gold medal!