What Does Lift And Lock Mean?

Cordless blinds and shades are becoming increasingly popular because they provide an uncluttered look and unparalleled safety benefits. You can even lift them right into position instead of fiddling with a series of dangling cords – how can it get any better than that? Comfortex’s new Lift and Lock, that’s how!

With the addition of a small button located on the bottom rail of your window covering, Comfortex cordless shades are now even easier to operate. Instead of pushing and pulling on your delicate shade, you can simply press and hold the button, adjust your treatment, and then release the button to hold them in place. Lift and Lock is also available on top down/bottom up shades, with a matching button on the top headrail so you can easily lower your shade into position.

Not only will a cordless Lift and Lock system give you sleek, straight-forward control over your new shades, but they’ll also be the safest choice in homes with children and pets.

Lift and Lock