What Is A Custom Blind?

A custom blind is fashioned in a specific way for each unique window in your house. A custom blind is created in a special workroom and finished by hand by real people in the right size, the selected color, the exact material, with a cord or cordless, with a valance, with a liner and many other options that fit the function, design and style of each window in your house. Most windows in our houses are all different and for a perfect fit that complements your needs, a custom blind only makes sense as windows are a focal point to comfortable living. “Cutdown” window treatments do not fit, are often bulky and made of inferior materials with faulty hardware. Custom window treatments are like your favorite dresses or suits that mold to your body without lumps or sags or uneven or unraveling hems or sleeves, in your favorite color and pattern and measured and crafted expertly just for you.  In today’s world of, “one size fits all,” custom window treatments are truly one of a kind.

custom blind

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