Desperately Seeking Window Treatments

Every window deserves to be treated to a companion who makes a perfect fit, especially on Valentine’s Day. This year at Blindsgalore, we’re borrowing cupid’s bow to see if we can spark a connection. We asked windows from around the world to send in their personal ads for a perfect match and, as the wizard window matchmaker, I have paired each lonely window with that special partner.


Seeking Warmth & Sophistication

On the hunt for something real. Ideally, I’d like to find a durable hardbody who could stand the test of time. If it doesn’t feel natural and organic when we’re together, I won’t be into it. Please don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

Your Perfect Match Is A Wood Blind


Looking For Pockets of Love

Attractive single-paned window seeks someone that I can call my “honeycomb.” Looking for an entertaining, colorful personality that will allow me to conserve energy. Deep pockets are a plus – even though I love to “double date.”

Your Perfect Match Is A Cellular Shade


Finding My Perfect Fit

Tall and thin is just my type. I’m not expecting anything out of the ordinary and am hoping for someone who is tried and true. Hopefully you will also be able to and respect my privacy, let your light shine when I am feeling blue. I won’t care what you’re made of, as long as you’re mine.

Your Perfect Match Is A Vertical Blind


Needing Someone With Their Eye On The Sky

I live life with my head in the clouds and need someone who can meet me there. If you love to get sidetracked, that’s even better. Independence is also a plus because I prefer not to interact on a daily basis. However, the sky should be the limit when we’re together.

Your Perfect Match Is A Skylight Shade


Searching For My Better Half

Ready to lift or lower my expectations in order to fall head-over-heels for the perfect companion. Please be ready to handle my versatile lifestyle and provide me with some balance. I would like it if you came with no strings attached and ready to ride with the top down. Bottoms up!

Your Perfect Match Is A Top Down, Bottom Up Lift


Hoping To Find A Shapely Form

Actively seeking the perfect complement for my cozy-cottage frame. I need something long-term that will withstand the elements; preferably an old, reliable soul who isn’t afraid to face the future. Unparalleled elegance is all that I’ll settle for.

Your Perfect Match Is A Plantation Shutter


Expecting A Refined And Classy Partner

Always on the lookout for a graceful companion to my sharp edges to soften times when I want to be a “shut in.” I also crave those times when we can open up to new vistas to explore the world.

Your Perfect Match Is Boutique Drapery


Wishing For A Charming Companion

Forever looking for an expressive, full-bodied beauty with a soft touch. I’m not picky and will take you if you’re relaxed, flat, plain, or even hobbled. You can be a blank slate, because I’d really like to make you my own. While sophistication is a plus, flexibility is paramount.

Your Perfect Match Is A Roman Shade


If you are looking for love in all the right places, we have it all right here.

Source: Words on Canvas
Source: Words on Canvas