A Rustic Holiday Home

Yes, that big, all consuming holiday is just about to grab us if it hasn’t already monopolized your every thought. Don’t let all those beautiful and overly lavish decorations put you in bad spirits. Why not embrace a simple, homespun look for a comforting and approachable style for a rustic and simple holiday home? Spend your precious time and celebrate with your friends and family some hopeful new beginnings. I have a few quick and easy tips to relieve the pressure for the “House Beautiful” award this holiday season.


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Keep It Natural

The most effective holiday decorative items to fit in with a rustic holiday style may be just out your front door.  By keeping a lookout, you can amass a great collection of branches and pinecones from your evening stroll or a quick stop by the neighborhood park.  Pinecones are an effortless addition to centerpieces and are ideal bowl fillers.  While lovely on their own, a swift coat of gold spray paint takes these natural gifts from simple to stunning.  Wrap and secure fallen branches into a circle to form a natural yet festive vine wreath.  Standing tall in a vase or vessel, branches add texture and height to a vignette. I just scored a few lighted branches to add to my vase of natural branches, clipped from my yard. Hanging ornaments on your collected branches is optional, but highly recommended.


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Scraps of natural material such as jute, burlap, linen and wool can be used here and there to add a layer of soft texture to your decorations.  Wrap a foam wreath in wool yarn or tie leftover burlap ribbon around vases and candles.  Borrowing from nature and sticking to a natural color scheme of whites, browns, and greens, will prevent your displays from being too overwhelming as well as give them instant charm.


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Deck The Windows

If you are still longing for a more simplified style, rustic homes call for natural, textured window treatments. Wood or Faux Wood Blinds, Roman Shades and Woven Wood Shades are my picks to add character and panache that is never ostentatious, but refined. Wood and wood tones seamlessly fit into any décor style and Roman Shades are sophisticated and classy, but subdued. Woven Wood Blinds add that touch of organic texture that are made from actual grasses, reeds, and bamboo and other natural elements. Woven Woods continue to be my favorite window treatment for a casual, yet chic look. Browse through all of our collections to find the color, pattern or style to create the rustic spirit this holiday and for all seasons to bring you peace.

If you feel the need to add a touch of holiday cheer to your windows, simply drape a swag of fresh greenery across the top of your windows. How easy is that.


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Remember that a simple color palette will unite all elements of your home , bringing permanent treatments and furniture together with temporary holiday decor to create a harmonious style. If you are more adventurous and looking for extra inspiration, you know where to find a million ways to enhance a festive look on any window your home.


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Candles Light The Season

Nothing provides the ambiance of the holidays as well as the warm glow of lit candles.  Easily transformed throughout the year, simple white candles are the finishing touch to a brilliantly decorated rustic holiday home.  If you appreciate a little sparkle, add a few mercury glass votive candle holders or gilded candles to your tabletops.


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Trimming The Tree

Since the Christmas tree is the focal point of your holiday décor, it makes sense to extend your decorating theme to your tree trimmings. Wrapping gifts with kraft paper or recycled newspaper provides a natural, down-to-earth feeling around the tree.  Neutral paper can always be jazzed up with some colorful satin or velvet ribbon.  Another creative idea is to corral presents into a couple of galvanized buckets.  Gifts can be sorted by recipient for easy delivery and, as a bonus, the buckets can be easily moved aside when it is time to add water to the tree.


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A freshly cut Pine Tree on its own is a unique expression of simplicity. All you need is a glittery display of lights!

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Remember that rustic does not mean old and boring.  When styled with some thought, simple and natural elements can come together to create magically elegant displays that any holiday home would be proud to feature.  Happy holidays and happy decorating!


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