How Do I Love, Thee, BG?

How do I love BG? Let me count the ways.

I love the ease, design and many choices,

And when I’m shopping, no rambling, annoying voices.

For giving me a view, always open and ever clear,

I love thee, BG, more and more, each and every day.

For quiet times, to reduce the jarring noises,

I love BG as the sun and bright light forces.

I love thee purely, getting me through the maze.

I love thee with the passion of online shopping,

As I change my style and stay on trend,

I love thee with a true love never dropping.

With my sacred need for privacy, I love thee for all time,

Striped, Textured, Pleated, Roll-Up never stopping,

I shall always love you, BG, so please please be mine.

*apologies to Elizabeth Barrett-Browning for her inspiration from Sonnet 43