Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week With Chelle’s Kind of School

As National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week approach, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the impact that educators have on our lives. We would like to use this week as an opportunity to show our gratitude and support for the educators who shape our education and our society. At Blindsgalore, we’re proud to celebrate the incredible work of teachers everywhere, including our owner, Chelle Walters. Before starting Blindsgalore, Chelle lent her talents to an experimental public school in the 1970s, where she inspired her students to think outside of the box with unique projects and creative exercises. This middle school combined later with the experimental high school, now Hoffman Boston/ Woodlawn that resides in a beautiful state of the art building in Arlington, Virginia.

Chelle’s teaching style was centered around creativity, collaboration, and exploration. Her classroom was a collaborative learning environment where students were able to personalize their Language Arts studies across many different learning styles, removing the typical friction between student and student. With a focus on student participation, Chelle set up creative learning centers that accentuated different learning styles. The lack of traditional tests in Chelle’s classroom and the focus on the exploration of themes, rather than memorization, allowed students to engage with learning more authentically.

Check out our video interview with Chelle, where she shares insights from her innovative teaching experience.

We encourage you to take the time to thank a teacher this week and to show your support for the important work they do.