Sizzling Summer Safety Tips

Summer is here and the sun is in full blast mode, but don’t let summer’s sizzle keep you from getting together with family and friends and keeping everyone busy and safe. With beach trips, cookouts, campouts and everything in-between, here are my top seven ways to keep your cool this summer!

1. Check dangling cords.

You don’t want any kids or pets bustling around your home to get all tangled up in your blinds.

Check dangling cords

2. Keep yourself cool.

Cover your windows for some shade and remember to dress in lightweight or lightly colored clothes to stay cool.

Keep yourself cool

3. Put away the spray.

Bugs can be annoying and the sun is dangerous, but so are these chemical sprays when in the wrong hands.

Put away the spray

4. Be water wise.

Pools can be a great way to escape the heat, but be sure to supervise younger swimmers to keep them safe.

Be water wise

5. Stay grounded.

Keep climb-able furniture away from windows and dangerous places so kids can avoid these risks while playing.

Stay grounded

6. Get hydrated.

Water is the best way to quench your thirst during hot days and it’s a much smarter choice than neon, sugary drinks.

Get hydrated

7. Keep busy.

Ditch the iPad in favor for more “summer” activities like camping, swimming, picnicking, or even arts & crafts.

Keep busy

Now go out there and have some fun!



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