A Window’s Ode To Planet Earth

A Window’s Ode To Planet Earth

A special salute to you,

Our favorite, faithful eco-lovers.

We treasure the earth, too.

So, share it, now, with others.


Committed to going Green

Is always on our minds.

Let’s keep the planet clean,

By starting with beautiful blinds.


Materials that are always sustainable

Like bamboo, reed and jute,

Are hopefully self-explainable,

As they never will pollute!


Natural, rustic woven wood,

Is always an expert choice.

Now tell your friends, they should.

Make them hear your powerful voice.


Save on every energy bill,

With an eco- insulating shade.

Restoring the world is a thrill.

Come march in our Green parade.


Go on, create a dazzling scene.

Lots of colorful options to explore.

Make your windows, oh, so, Green.

Right here, today, at Blindsgalore.


Happy Earth Day!

Source: Usplash, Francesca Tosolini