Reclaim Your Style With Natural Elements

With life blossoming around us and the Earth shuddering with life, color and diversity, let’s think about integrating natural elements into our homes for a Spring punch of chic, but easy organic decorating ideas. As our fragile planet slowly revolves, constantly being depleted of its precious resources, here are some effortless ways to snatch a few flowering branches, collect some found natural objects, reclaim a bit of salvaged wood, dig in the dark, precious dirt or grab a paintbrush and discover a new way to mix in earth friendly decor to honor the simple life.


Rustic and distressed wood abounds and creates a warm feeling to any of our favorite “looks,” whether classic, modern, eclectic or country. Whether you recycle an old wine barrel into a coffee table, paint some old oars and use as headboard, salvage a chipped window or an antique barn door, or crack open some fun paint colors to create a colorful and unique garden divider, your home will glow with natural beauty.


If you are looking for a more minimalist natural look, some smaller decorating ideas are just within reach. Check your garage, backyard or dollar store and with just a tiny bit of DIY inspiration, a fresh tableau can be created out of ordinary but soon to be “objets d’art.”


Your own garden or local greenhouse is bursting now with every flower and plant imaginable. Take a quick jaunt outside and find that special flower or plant to add instant freshness and whimsy to make any rainy spring day, full of sunshine and light. Without those stormy days – no flowers to bedazzle us. And, I am not talking about those stale, stylized and formal flower arrangements that are pictured and bombarded to us in daily emails, but a casual, thrown-together, handpicked bunch of sprightly stems designed by you.


If you are really feeling blue and the winter has besieged your spirits and you barely can feel the warmth and brightness of days, you just might have to repaint a room with a dappled yellow and leaf green to break out of those bleak and gray days…not inside your home! Even if you just tackle one wall or the inside of a book case, you will be instantly uplifted. You don’t have to go whole hog; I still believe a little bit goes a long way.


I love changing my “tablescape” for the season and Spring is such a “no brainer” with all the glorious flowering bulbs to grace our dining room tables. Pick up a stem or two and a small miracle is created on your table. One of my favorite, but an often overlooked flowering bulb is the fragile, purple “grape hyacinth.” Its delicate form and vibrant color just hollers “Spring,” yet, tulips and daffodils are just as beautiful. In addition, think about using a grass runner as a backdrop for your “flowerscapes” for a truly organic table to go with the “organic trend” surrounding us at every turn. Does organic really mean anything anymore! As for me, as long as it makes you feel good, go with it. Organic? Morganic? Who cares? Just say it with flowers.


Get out of the winter funk, dump the doldrums. Put on your snappy straw hat and take some time, to savor the Spring spirit. Scour the garage sales, or secondhand stores (my fave) or your backyard or favorite walking path and find a small treasure to bring in a rustic, warm feeling- pair it with flowers or bits of natural elements, add a splash of color and voilà, you have reclaimed a bit of earth for yourself.


Happy Spring!



Our BG designer, Katie, has been creating bright looks for windows and rooms for over ten years. Katie has great ideas and "picks” for your windows. She will be sharing with you her design choices and seasonal recommendations throughout the year. Katie reminds you that all our BG window blinds, shades and drapes are all custom made for you. Each one is hand crafted to your size, color, fabric and special requests with our added attention to quality and detail. Katie will make sure you love your windows.

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