Window Wonderland

Windows create the possibility for imaginative and festive holiday scenes. What could be easier and more beautiful than to take advantage of the natural light and large swath of open space with this blank canvas to brighten up your holiday décor? With just a little bit of ingenuity, whimsy and ribbon, garland, a few ornaments and even those nostalgic grade school, cut-out paper snowflakes, hanging from a velvet cord, make your holiday home shine. Or bake up your favorite gingerbread cookie and hang from your kitchen rack or string them up with red twine and let them sway in your kitchen window.

This rustic window with deer scampering across a winter meadow surely entices you to light a roaring fire and warm up with a mocha latte and your favorite novel. I am valiantly trying to finish my novel for December, “The Signature of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Alma, the main character tries to understand the meaning and mechanisms of life. Like plants, she believes we evolve miraculously with unexplained secrets in our growth and what differentiates us is subtle and hard to define. I have to think we are all miracles in our own way, which is a fitting message at this time of the year. In this hyper-stimulated, stressed out and raucous season, some quiet moments reading or creating can restore a semblance of order to these crazy days.

If the snow outside your window is frightful or delightful, be inspired to make your own winter snow vignette.

Who doesn’t have some leftover Christmas balls that never made it to the tree or maybe you have scavenged a treasure of beauties that just need to sparkle and shine in the light that pours in through your windows. Plain and simple always works or jazz up the iridescent ornaments with a beaded chain or thin decorative garland. For a special window display, announce your holiday greeting in style.

Pine scented, billowy evergreen garland is oh so gracious and can be sweet and short or extravagant and lavish. However you combine these boughs of the season, your windows and you deserve the real “bows” from friends and family who gather at your house to celebrate. A simple strand can stand alone as the focal point or can be the backdrop to a lush romantic Christmas display. The piney smell and instant evocation of the holidays with greenery is a classic holiday detail.

Wreaths have an ancient history and were used during the Greek and Roman times as a sign of great victory which might be the origin of hanging wreaths today to announce good tidings and cheer. The shape of the circle represents the unending cycle of life and the traditional holiday wreath made from evergreen further accentuates the everlasting feeling of this sacred season. Whether you hang a wreath inside or outside, may only good and hopeful sights be viewed through your windows.

With a beautiful arched window, all you need to add a festive flourish is a simple strand of white lights that perfectly outline this architectural wonder. How understated but stunning is an arched window; sometimes, you have to control the urge to overdo and over decorate. Just let light and form be your guide.

Windows are everywhere in our homes and as you search for meaning as the December days disappear and the dark of night envelops us in the mystery of life and dreams, may the light of new beginnings and hope be captured in the brightness of a new day.

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