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Looking for a window treatment to cover your sliding glass door, or maybe a large window? The ubiquitous choice are vertical blinds. Sure they’re common but that doesn’t mean they are boring.

When you think of vertical window blinds – and I know you think of them often – what images are conjured in your mind? Are they images of elegance, textures, clean lines and complementing colors? Or, do you immediately think of cheap, white vinyl vertical blinds, yellowed by the sun? I have those images too. But the category of vertical blinds is much broader and interesting than you might know. That’s the problem with window treatments; because they are such an infrequent purchase, most people don’t know that much about them. This leads to many uninformed purchases.

If you are an apartment manager or landlord with lots of turnover, I understand why you’d buy white vinyl vertical blinds. They are cheap, durable, easy to clean and white goes with everything. But, if you are the homeowner, you’ve got options. Let’s face it, even vinyl verticals in another color, would be an upgrade.

But enough of that, I want to open your eyes to what’s available. There’s a whole range of possibilities including fabric vertical blinds, wood and faux wood, and solar screen vertical blinds. Within the vinyl vertical blind category, there are textured vanes and even s-curved vinyl vertical blinds. S-curved verticals have vanes with a subtle s-curve that, when closed, break up the straight lines you’d normally see. This looks mimics the look of drapes. They also close tighter for better light control.

When choosing vertical blinds you can choose how they open (also called stacking or stack back). Your blinds can stack to the right, left or split evenly on both sides – bet you didn’t know that.

So break out and try something new. Consider fabric vertical blinds for a softer, more textured look. If you want to preserve your views while at the same time lowering solar heat gain, consider solar screen verticals. If you want to complement other wood elements, check out faux wood or wood verticals. If you still want the vinyl, for reasons of economy and practicality, check out the ones with textured vanes, or maybe the s-curve. And, whatever you do, do yourself a favor and explore all the colors available – there are a lot of non-white colors to choose from.

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