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3 Fall Home Flavor Trends

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Since the Autumnal equinox passed through last week, harkening the beginning of fall, it really is time to reflect on the fall colors and to draw inspiration from the flavors of the harvest. I am thinking of three particular flavors to imbue your decorating style as the bounty of the earth explodes in one last gasp before winter descends. Let Continue Reading ...
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A Window Into Women Entrepreneurs

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Working for two women with a fresh, inspiring outlook on ecommerce has reenergized my interest in writing and has served as an exemplary introduction to the corporate world. It all started while I was frantically working the cash register at a small home décor store. I was approached by two plucky women who plunked a cartful of stuff onto my Continue Reading ...
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Swan Song for Summer

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We anticipate and anxiously await summer-the languid, long days and nights, a few stolen moments of stillness to soak in the healing rays of the sun, a tart lemonade on the patio and before we know it, dark descends more quickly, the winds change and we grab a sweater in the evening. Pouf! Summer slips away. Before our favorite season Continue Reading ...
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The Secret Life of a Window Treatment

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Have you ever wondered what your window treatments are up to when you’re not around? I mean, you can’t just sit there staring at your blinds all day waiting for them to do something – you’ve got things to do! Well, guess what, so do they. Your windows are awake while you’re at work and your shades are stirring while Continue Reading ...
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The Blindsgalore National Scholarship 2015 Winner

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Young women on the move inspire us at Blindsgalore as we seek to nurture and promote the intellectual, creative and personal goals of the many confident and competent young women who are making their mark today. As a women owned and operated ecommerce business, we continue our mission to sponsor a yearly scholarship open to any woman enrolled in college Continue Reading ...
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Oh, wind-oh!

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To celebrate the release of Dr. Seuss’s newly discovered children’s book “What Pet Should I Get?,” an ode to the beloved poet: ...
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May Day Window Suprises

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Although I am a born and bred Californian, I spent many years in the Midwest where the first of every May honored the beautiful tradition of May Day. Brimming with a fanciful Maypole dance, crowns of fresh flowers and May baskets, this day long ode to the glory of warm weather, new beginnings, promises of renewal and the joy of Continue Reading ...
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Color Crush On Tulips

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Tulips burst the spring with color, often the first flower to push through even snow covered ground to announce the emergence of all things blooming. I can’t resist the brilliant shades of tulips as their pureness and vibrancy of hue magnify an unsurpassed elegance. Even the colors of tulips symbolize a specific meaning. Red signifies true love; yellow refers to Continue Reading ...