How Summer Lost its Stripes

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My little beach house on the ocean was sweating and weeping early this summer from the onset of summer sun, summer glare and summer heat.

In distress, I headed down to my neighborhood DIY store and gleefully ordered some snazzy solar shades to cheer up and cool off my house.

Since summer screams stripes to me, I knew my steamy windows would love the bright stripes.

My beach house sighed with relief when I put up my new striped blinds. The crispness of the color made us all happy and we luxuriated in the coolness the shades offered us.

As summer wore on, the heat intensified, the clouds disappeared, the flowers shriveled up, the ocean burned up with a fever.


Shade in the summer heat
The stripes on my blinds melted, faded and the colors dripped into oblivion.

Shade is losing its stripes

My perfect stripes turned into a messy pool of orange mush all over my floor and like the summer heat, I burned with sadness.

Summer had lost its stripes!

I went in search for new striped shades and, voila, I found Blindsgalore, promising me colorful stripes and coolness forever, made just for me and my windows. Whoopee! And I didn’t even have to get in line.

Just a click away. Done.

New from Blindsgalore
My new summer stripes arrived in a jiffy. My house is gleaming, my stripes are sparkling. My house on the ocean is dancing in the breeze.

Summer has back its stripes.