A Few Favorite Home Warming Window Treatments

If you’ve been thinking about how to keep warm this winter without cranking up the thermostat, you’ve come to the right place. Be prepared for any harsh weather coming your way. It is ideal to have what you need at home to stay warm and cozy as these bitter months knock on our door. It’s not all about sealing windows, inspecting heating vents, and shoving fireplace stoppers up your chimney. There are a few simple ways to keep your home comfortably toasty for years to come. If you are late in shielding the cold with warm window treatments, here are my favorite suggestions to keep your home protected from winter’s chill.


Warm Cellular Shades

Any window treatment will help reduce cold air seeping in through frosty windows as 22% heat dissipation is lost through our windows, but for the most energy efficient window treatment, Cell Shades are the number one choice for maximizing heat loss and reducing your heating bill. Cell Shades are designed for simplicity in their superior insulating abilities by trapping air in their unique honeycombed-shaped packets to shield your rooms to keep cold air at bay. Choose from either a Single Cell or my go-to is the Double Cell for an additional layer of insulating fabric. Cordless Cells are a must for safety, ease and decorative appeal and our personal color selection, patterns and fabric material are truly limitless and pass Blindsgalore’s quality control of superior custom craftsmanship and durability. Our Cellular Shades are modern, yet tough, and are not flimsy or paper thin like many Cellular Shades on the market. On their own, Cellular Shades, are the most minimal, easy window treatment with the maximum ability to keep your house warm .

If you live in our colder winter places, you can always add lined drapery panels over the Cellular Shades. Not only do you achieve more insulating protection, but a boost for a tailored and crisp look.

Woven Wood Blinds

The popularity of Woven Woods Blinds continues to grow for their exceptional ability to transition into any style of room or décor. If you love the textural quality of their natural weaves and intrinsic beauty, but need maximum cold protection, you will need to add a thermal lined drapery panel. Just like layering your winter clothing accessories, thick gloves will keep your hands warm, but a fur lined hat and a knitted wool or cashmere scarf will make your whole body warmer and happier. Layer up your Woven Wood Blinds with a thermal lined drapery panel that features two strong layers of fabric to provide extra weather protection. A thermal lined layer is just like adding an electric blanket underneath your favorite soft down comforter.

Roman Shades

If you are looking for a more decorative look to your windows, a Roman Shade paired with a thermal liner is another effective way to prevent heat loss through your windows. A liner also provides the added benefit of blocking UV rays from damaging your custom drapery or shades. Not only do the liners add performance value to the treatments, their weight added to the face of the fabric creates a luxuriously full look. This extra dimension of double window treatments will additionally weaken the heat loss through your windows and help to lower those costly winter heating bills.

However, Roman Shades, on their own, showcase a unique esthetic appearance and their thick material and bound edges can withstand many frigid days that arrive with wintry temperatures. You can maintain a more contemporary and sharper look but still be provided with extra insulation.

Don’t wait for those winter days to creep up on your windows, laden with frost and icicles. Ideally, you should attack cold weather now before the biting subzero temperatures and bracing chilly wind arrive without notice. We have every window treatment in any color, size, pattern or style to meet any of your demands. Blindsgalore will craft, uniquely, your personal window treatment, your way!

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