Back-To-School Rooms For Kids

Just as we settle into summer, the school year has snuck up on us once again. As the sunny, poolside, lazy days of August begin to fade away, it’s time to get ready for a new year of classes, homework, and soccer lessons. Getting set up ahead of time will help tame the typical fall chaos and make everyone a little less anxious when that first bell rings. Kids always need new school supplies, but a freshened up space to sleep and work in will help them stay focused and organized so they can finish their homework faster and go outside and play while they still can! Below are a few elements needed to create a stellar back-to-school room, which will encourage the development of a studious, organized, and happy child. We can dream, right?!

Window Treatments

I always think first of window treatments for kids as they are indispensable as safety and sleep are the two top demands when designing these spaces. Never use dangling cords for safe rooms as dangling cords are a temptation and can be potentially dangerous, especially for the younger set. Always go cordless or opt for the ease of motorization.

Sleep is the other essential as little or big, all kids need their rest. Using a blackout shade or adding room darkening drapery to a window will ensure the maximum hours of sleep needed to stay alert through a long day of classes and activities. Layering the two will provide the best coverage from late night street lights or the early morning sun. Cordless cellular shades and roller shades are so kid-friendly because they are free of those pesky cords and these versatile window treatments can do double duty by adding fun bursts of color and pattern to an already lively room.

Source: Heatz, MKU Models, Dreamns, Lovely Sim, Luxury Home Designs
Source: Heatz, MKU Models, Dreamns, Lovely Sim, Luxury Home Designs,

For older kids, a more sophisticated look can be transformed with more decorative window treatments by choosing classic roman shades or stylish woven woods.

For the ultimate in a children’s room, one of our customers used a boat as a bed and amped up the room with our Simply Chic roller shades

Our children deserve style, too!

Work Space

Creating an area free of distractions is the best way to make sure homework gets completed. A designated kid’s workspace will give them some independence and a sense of pride in their work. Ask them for some input in the décor so they feel like they are part of the process and take a bit of ownership over that space.

Source: First House on the Right, Asaborake, Houzz, Archzine, Homemydesign, InspiredDeco
Source: First House on the Right, Asaborake, Houzz, Archzine, Homemydesign, Inspired Deco,


Whether you’re young or old, we all need proper task lighting. Homework is hard enough and poor lighting only makes the effort more demanding. Lighting makes up an important part of any room design and children’s rooms are no different. There are so many amazing lighting solutions out there for little ones, including lights for reading in bed, creating at a desk, or just providing a comforting hint of light when it’s finally time for sleep.

Source: Moodne Kodu, Daftarhaga, Homedit, OregonuforReview, ATap, Kitchen Decor Club, Piu-Piu, Cell Code
Source: Moodne Kodu, Daftarhaga, Homedit, OregonuforReview, ATap, Kitchen Decor Club, Piu-Piu, Cell Code

Storage, Storage, Storage!

Kids have so much stuff. You can try to put away the summer stuff to get ready for the fall stuff, but it won’t make much of a difference. It just seems to multiply! The best way to manage all the loot is to utilize as many storage tools as possible. Large storage containers are great for backpacks, shoes, and soccer balls. All those teeny tiny toy pieces you step on in the middle of the night and hair ties, clips, headbands, and bows are just the right size to keep in smaller storage containers. Hanging storage is wonderful for coats, scarves, and hats. The more spaces there are to store things, the more likely they will actually get put away. By giving kids the tools to stay organized, you are helping them help you!

Source: Decoratorist, Xalingo, Apartment Therapy, Pinterest, Life of Another League
Source: Decoratorist, Xalingo, Apartment Therapy, Pinterest 1, 2, Life of Another League

Just For Fun

It’s not all about spelling bees and times tables, to help get kids excited about the new school year, it’s a fun idea to surprise them with a cool new lunch tote or personalized pencils to start the year on a fun note. They’ve got a lot of work ahead of them, so a little token of encouragement is sure to go a long way.  These rooms are full of fun!

Source: The Spruce, Lovingit, Modern Place, Best Interior, CNN Turk, Zszywka, Mrs Boho
Source: The Spruce, Lovingit, Modern Place,Best Interior CNN Turk, Zszywka, Mrs Boho

Best wishes for an educational and well-designed new school year!

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

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