Styling Your Home With Woven Woods

Crispy colorful leaves and the lingering tang in the air makes me want to gather up all the chunky blankets, order a cord of pinon wood to infuse my house with a heady aroma of the first fire, as I anticipate the frenzy soon to explode. As I settle in for the busy season, I must admit that the holidays are on the horizon and want you to take advantage of this lull to spruce up your windows before the madness begins. Since the spotlight will be on our homes and our gatherings this holiday season will be smaller and more intimate, let your home be the centerpiece of comfort and seasonal inspiration to defy the outside threats bombarding us daily. Keep your spirits high as our home is where it all happens. Set the tone in style and make a joyful noise to celebrate today and not debate the past.

Fall decorating is easy to make these gathering spots festive. A simple trip to the grocery store or your favorite home goods store to swipe a few pumpkins, gourds, branches of bittersweet or whatever earthy elements appeal to you, to scatter on your mantle, doorstep or tabletop. All of these rustic colors effortlessly blend into a fall palette. But don’t neglect your windows, as the same decorative adaptability of woven wood shades easily harmonize with this season of natural décor. Woven wood shades are handcrafted from organic materials such as bamboo, grasses, jute and reeds. Their nubby, tactile textures highlight the richness of this season and are naturally beautiful in any room. Look over our wide array of these simple but modern window treatments.

In The Bedroom

The bedroom is a great place to introduce the contemporary, natural look of woven woods. These shades pair particularly well with live plants, bohemian–chic styles, and just about everything else. They will contribute texture to a neutral-toned room and will help keep more eclectic designs grounded in reality. You can also add a blackout liner to your wovens to help block incoming light and catch a few extra z’s in the morning. There’s a reason why wovens are some of the most popular window treatments in modern design. Warmth and texture is always a welcome addition in the bedroom, after all.

In The Dining Room

Woven wood shades can be casual in the dining room, coordinating well with wood furniture such as dining tables, buffets or hutches. With a variety of neutral to dark colors, the natural, easy feel of an informal dining room can be enhanced with these light and effortless window treatments. For a more formal look, the addition of a pair of drapery panels will quickly heighten the elegance for a more polished look. The room where we come together with family and friends to enjoy celebratory and holiday meals deserve to be thoughtfully styled. Woven Woods are so easy as their limitless design look can hook up with any mood or event you are planning.

In The Living Room

Ranging from rustic to refined, woven wood shades add a layer of texture to casual or formal living rooms. Again, pairing these shades with drapery only increases their appeal.  Keep the natural organic feel going with neutral-hued linen panels or be bold with richly colored velvet drapery. Keep in mind that due to the natural materials used in the construction of woven wood shades, it is best to add a privacy liner to evenly disperse the light filtering through the woven material. Blackout liners are also available to block the majority of all incoming light, useful for family gatherings to intercept the glare from the outside for peaceful conversations. Woven wood shades are a graceful compliment to any living or family room. Once your living room décor is set and window treatments are in place, all you need to do is light a pumpkin or cinnamon spice scented candle, pull your shades up and enjoy the view of autumn’s falling leaves.

In The Kitchen

Another room that never fails to shine with woven wood shades is the kitchen. We probably spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house, at least during our waking hours. Surfaces should be attractive, yet easy to clean.  Woven wood shades are decorative but are also very easy to operate and maintain. Since the kitchen is such a high maintenance area, woven wood window treatments only need an occasional quick dusting so they almost take care of themselves. With all of the cooking, baking and crafting soon to erupt in the kitchen, prep now so this busy spot is ready to take on all the demands of the holidays. Our utilitarian kitchens demand the easy elegance that woven wood sahdes deliver to this busy hub. For a festive holiday touch, pile up a mound of crimson pomegranates in a bowl or gather some gnarly branches from the garden in a tall vase to decorate your counter as you sort through the family recipes.

Woven wood shades bring a stylish touch of nature into our homes while providing much-needed light control to our windows. Now is the time to consider these unique and artisan shades to cover exposed windows or replace outdated existing window treatments. Woven wood shades add texture, depth and interest to any living space in the house. Once you have your home ready for small celebrations with your family “pod” or you are able to pull off larger “open sky get-togethers,” slow down and savor the season.

Source: Digs Digs
Source: Digs Digs