Zen And The Art Of Window Treatments

Who doesn’t need a bit of “zen-ness” now amidst the intensity and uncertainty of our world today? As the new normal, whatever that might be, becomes clearer, a little bit of serenity can be a welcome antidote to all the racket exploding around us. Zen is simply maintaining a sense of tranquility. In the home decor world, we often call this “feng shui,” but zen is easier to spell and say and doesn’t sound so pretentious. Today, I have a few game changers that can transport your living space into a nourishing and peaceful zen zone. Since we are spending so much of our time at home these days, I urge you to find comfort wherever you can.

Bring On The Light

I know I say it all the time but windows are the eyes of our homes and being in control of the light is still an overlooked design element that you can manage. Natural light is all important to our sense of well being and without attention to the window treatments, you are simply at the mercy of nature and all of the outside forces impinging on you. By regulating the light, you can open up the windows to let fresh air to keep your space bright and refreshing to detoxify your home. You can only have so many plants that help here, but choosing window treatments that you can easily raise and lower (need I mention again – motorization), is paramount. Plus, keeping out the heat in summer and retaining heat in the winter can all be accomplished with finding the blind or shade that suits your purpose. I hope you can settle on a type that will allow you to open up the windows every day to cleanse the soul of your home. Check out our “Block The Light” page as a guide to finding a solution so you can flagrantly throw open the windows every day to bring in a zen feeling. Natural light is the real deal to promote alertness and happiness through all the seasons of the year.

Source: Marvin Doors, Holhy, Yam Sixteen
Source: Marvin Doors, Holhy, Yam Sixteen

Style It Softly With Sheers

Once you are able to open your windows, a certain fabric or style of a window treatment can elevate a calm and serene “mise-en-scène.” After all, the word zen is derived from Japanese Buddhism that means mediation or contemplation. My favorite here would be a shade that we call “sheers”. That simply means that the window treatments are very thin and diaphanous, as the combo of a sheer drapery and blind give you the chance to raise the shade completely or keep the shades lowered and tilt the fabric vanes to allow the light in. You can choose a sheer shade or sheer drapery or sheer rollers, all of which will transport your home into that “incredible feeling of lightness,” which is the mantra of being in a zen state. Browse our custom made sheer shades for inspiration. Sheer shades espouse the delicacy and intimacy of minimalism, a trend on the rise for a barely there window design. A zen style thrives in a home that is without artifice.

Style It Minimally With Cells

Cellular shades are a perennial favorite for ease and simplicity that cleanly fill in the opening of any window. Cells are discreet, modern window treatments to compose a room with stillness and order. Our Blindsgalore cellulars embrace the neutral spectrum in many fabrics of soft, textured linen to fine-spun cotton weaves to enrich a mellow room mood.

Style It Organically With Woven Woods

Although woven woods are making a big impact as one of our most popular, trendy window treatments, their truly organic, natural materials of bamboo, grass, jute and reeds complement the subtle spirit of living peacefully with nature. Woven woods are uniquely crafted in a a distinctive style to showcase this comforting character. What could be more zen than surrounding yourself in a room designed with nature as your mantra?

Images From: Dear Lilly, Nick and Alicia, Preppy Bohemian at Home

Style It With Neutral (or Pale) Color

Always keep color at the top of your mind in all zen décor. Perhaps we all lean into white as the pale ivories, neutrals and all those white and off-white hues, dominate our window treatment choices. Subtle whites simply create a blank palette to establish a spare and placid space or to open up the possibilities for more excitement with patterns or flourishes. Soft blues are always calm-inducing and soft yellows and sand tones match the magic that a meditative space can provide. Tranquil colors are zen colors.

Source: APSIP, DDMA, Made in China
Source: APSIP, DDMA, Made in China

Balance is the key to surrounding yourself in a home that reflects your life and once you consider the low impact of artful but inconspicuous window treatments, a soothing comfort will be layered into your home. I hope you are feeling a bit of zen coming through your windows and into your life.

Source: Red Book Mag
Source: Red Book Mag
Featured Image Source: Obes