Mini Blinds Are An Easy Choice Within The Different Types of Window Treatments

So often when I bring up different types of window treatments, it is frequently assumed that I’m referring to good old mini blinds. This always surprises me because there are so many categories and styles of window coverings, that I could be referencing any number of products. But then when I really think about it, it makes sense because mini blinds are everywhere! They’re at home, in schools, offices, libraries, and restaurants. The durability, affordability, and endless color and feature combinations make them the go-to-window treatment for easy light control. Read on for reasons why mini blinds are an easy window treatment idea.

1. Easy On Your Wallet

Mini blinds are the most cost effective window treatment out there. A custom product made to fit your exact window measurements which stays in such a low price category is truly a bargain. Even adding upgraded options to a mini blind such as the routeless feature or cordless lift, the value received for the money spent is superb.

2. Easy to Decorate With

Available in a wide array of colors, mini blinds also have finishes ranging from matte to gloss to metallic, there is a shade of this blind to coordinate with any room. There are light pastels that would work in a bright nursery, cherry reds to fit a vintage kitchen, and dark, inky navy blues and blacks that would be at home in an edgy loft. Whatever color you are thinking of to best fit in with the style of your home or office, it is absolutely available in a mini blind.

3. Easy To Clean

While some go as far as giving their blinds a bath with soapy water or even taking them out to the lawn to hose them off, an occasional dusting is all that’s necessary to keep them in pristine condition. Whether it’s with a damp cloth or the attachment of a vacuum, the ease of cleaning these blinds can’t be beat.

4. Easy To Coordinate

Often, rooms have windows of various sizes, including patio and sliding glass doors. Mini blinds are always an option to provide a coordinated look within one space. For example, the Blindsgalore 2” vinyl mini blind is available in similar colors and textures as select styles of Blindsgalore vertical blinds to help create a seamless look when dealing with windows in an array of sizes.

5. Easy To Maintain

Mini blinds are known for living a long life. These durable treatments are an easy solution for a busy household. They happily withstand many years of sun exposure without cracking or color fade. Mini blinds can even stand up to the furry members of the household. When its cat versus mini blind, the mini blinds almost always wins!

Mini blinds are the most affordable window treatment for durable, simple, straightforward light control. For more window treatment inspiration, be sure to visit “The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatment Ideas“.