Four Considerations In Choosing Window Treatments

So many choices, so little time when selecting window treatments…so here are my top four questions you should answer before you order the perfect covering for your windows. I know that if you consider these ideas, you will find the best window treatments to make you love your windows.

1. Earth, Wind and Light

Do you like a soft breeze and enjoy the fresh scents from the outdoors and cherish your view? Open vistas and a closeness to the earth are your touchstones. This means minimal window treatments that are sheer or light and easy to put up and down that allow natural light and air to flow in as you read, relax cook or work. Or are you a night-owl or a privacy freak or live in a neighborhood riddled with jarring sounds? Are you dedicated to keeping the chill out and the warmth in, striving to keep your energy bills down and be comfortable in any season? For you, darkening treatments on your blinds will do the trick. Drapes and cellular shades and solar blinds or screens will also solve these issues. You just need to decide if you are a “look out” or a “don’t look in” kind of a person.

2. First Impressions

Don’t forget that windows are often the first thing you notice when you enter a room and forcefully announce a style, ambience and mood. Don’t overlook the chance to make an immediate style statement, whether, formal, funky, casual, whimsical, country, elegant or traditional. Your window type selection, fabric and options all coalesce to make your room your own.

3. Artful Architecture

The interior design of your house should balance your window coverings. The walls and windows need to blend and bridge together in a harmonious and pleasing manner. Window treatments accent your space and can even camouflage imperfections on your windows and walls or add a dramatic proportion. Really, window treatments can perform magic if you know the tricks!

4. Pep Up, Pick Up , Pop Up

Don’t settle for a dull, uninspiring home. Does your house have a dated look? Does it look dark, boring, unfinished, old and just plain sad? Oh, no! Peppy patterns, nubby textures, the patina of wood, the structure of shutters, a luxe fabric or just a shot of color can enliven any space. Window treatments and a fresh coat of paint are two of the easiest and quickest ways to spark your home and pop up your style in a flash.