How to Take Down Blinds the Easy Way

What goes up must come down. Whether it’s time for cleaning, replacement, or a much-needed upgrade, your blinds and shades will eventually have to come off the wall. When the time comes, you’ll need to know how to remove blinds to save effort and prevent damage. Here’s how to avoid any hassle.

For exact instructions on how to remove your blind or shade, please refer to your owners guide which can be found on our install page.

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Figure Out What Type of Blinds You Have

Rule number 1 is to save your muscles for the gym. Don’t just rip your blinds off the wall! Take your time.

Your first step is to identify the type of blinds you’re dealing with. Are they Wood Blinds? Faux Wood Blinds? Roman Shades? Venetian Blinds? Verticals? Each one will require a slightly different approach.

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Prepare Your Tools

Next step is to gather all of the tools you’ll need. Also, prepare your work area before attempting to remove any blinds. Some combination of the following may be required:

  • • A flathead screwdriver that can be used to pry the headrail free from the mounting brackets
  • • A ladder or stepstool to access your blinds if they are installed on a high window.
  • • An electric drill or Phillips head screwdriver to remove the mounting brackets from the wall.
  • • Protective eyewear to guard against dust/debris if you are working directly below a bracket.

I know it seems counterintuitive, but you may even want to clean your blinds before removing to prevent too much dust from flying around. Just a tip.

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The Easiest Ways to Take Down Various Types of Blinds

Every type of blind or shade has distinct characteristics. However, for the most part, everything will involve some type of clip and bracket. The headrail of your blinds are clipped onto a mounting bracket which is attached to the wall or window recess. That much is nearly universal. Still, we recommend studying your product beforehand for a tailored approach. Adapt your removal technique accordingly.

Also, prioritize safety by wearing goggles and gloves. Use a secure ladder or step stool to avoid accidents. Haphazardly pulling or tugging on your blinds from the top of a wobbly ladder is a recipe for disaster. Trust us. Your personal safety is paramount.

General Tips for How to Remove Window Blinds

  • • Remove the decorative valance on the top of your blinds, if you have one.
  • • Use the tilt wand or pull cord to get the slats to lay flat.
  • • Inspect the headrail to find out how your blinds are clipped onto the brackets.
  • • Once you’ve removed the headrail, unscrew the brackets from the wall or window frame.

How to Take Down Mini Blinds

Not all mini blinds are built the same. Still, these tips should work for most of our products.

  1. 1. Bring the slats to a horizontal angle. Then, raise them until they are all gathered at the top.
  2. 2. Use a flathead screwdriver to open the two brackets at the ends of the headrail.
  3. 3. The headrail should slide easily out of the brackets, away from the window.
  4. 4. Use a Phillips head screwdriver or drill bit to unscrew the mounting brackets.

How to Take Down Vertical Blinds

These sliding door staples look trickier than they are, here are a few general removal tips.

  1. 1. Angle the slats so that you can see outside and unhook each hanging vane one-by-one.
  2. 2. Use a flathead screwdriver to unclip your headrail from the bracket. There may also be a separate screw that will allow you to remove the clip entirely.
  3. 3. You may have to unclip your headrail from each bracket individually. If you’re having trouble with your headrail, try to gently twist the back of the headrail away from the window.
  4. 4. Use a Phillips head screwdriver or drill bit to remove the mounting brackets from the wall.

How To Take Down Wood Blinds

Wood blinds require a delicate touch. Use caution to prevent damage. If you have faux wood blinds, they will afford you a bit more durability.

  1. 1. Remove the valance from the top of your blinds, if you have one.
  2. 2. Check the sides of the headrail for the brackets. Use a flathead screwdriver to pop them open, away from the window.
  3. 3. Slide the headrail out of the brackets and off of the window. We recommend raising your blinds first to prevent them from being too unwieldly.
  4. 4. Use a Phillips head screwdriver or drill bit to remove the mounting brackets from the wall.

How To Take Down Blinds with Hidden Brackets

Hidden brackets can be tricky, but understanding their mechanism is vital. Generally, these are concealed neatly behind your headrail and the clip/bracket system is combined into a spring-loaded mechanism.

  1. 1. Inspect the sides and back of your headrail to locate your brackets.
  2. 2. Use a flathead screwdriver to push on the spring-loaded clips to release.
  3. 3. While pushing on the spring, gently pull your headrail away from the wall. Generally this is easier to do one bracket at a time.
  4. 4. Remove the brackets from the window frame using a Phillips head screwdriver or drill bit.

Finding the Best Replacement Blinds

Finding the perfect replacement blinds involves considering material, style, and functionality.
Learn more about window blinds here at Blindsgalore to discover how to select blinds that flawlessly complement your space.
We can also help you find a suitable replacement for any of your old blinds.

You can also read our Ultimate Guide to Window Treatments for quick highlights of all of the blinds and shades we offer.

Removing blinds doesn’t have to be daunting. It’s actually quite easy. With the right tools, knowledge, and safety measures, you can get the job done effortlessly. Give yourself the opportunity to clean, replace, or redecorate. When in doubt, follow your installation instructions in reverse. You can do it!

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Removing Blinds and Replacing Blinds FAQs

Unfortunately, not. All blinds are created differently, just like snowflakes. Removal techniques vary for various types of blinds. Please refer to your installation manual for the most accurate instructions.

Yes, but only If you’re replacing your blinds with the same product. If you’ve changed brands or products types, you’ll have to change your hardware along with them. We certainly recommending updating your hardware to what is included with your product.

Absolutely. 99% of our customers handle their own measure, installation, and removal. As long as you have the tools necessary, nothing should take you longer than 10 minutes. DIY is more than possible and we believe in you! If you have any questions or run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to call us at 877-702-5463