Skylights Are Magical Window Treatments

Skylights aren’t only windows in the ceiling, they are a portal to sunny blue skies, energetic rainstorms and enchanting starry nights. By allowing the sun to flow into living spaces, they provide the healing powers and mood enhancing benefits of natural light. Natural light has been proven to increase mood and productivity as well as reduce stress and anxiety. With the ability to provide up to five times as more light as a standard wall window of the same size, skylights drastically reduce the need for artificial light. The benefits of skylights aren’t just for the homeowner’s well-being; they extend to the look and feel of the home as well. Their inherent construction opens up the canopy of a room, making it appear bright, open and spacious.

For all of their given benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks, but not to worry as there is always a solution. Heat loss can be a major concern when it comes to skylights. As hot air rises, skylights have the ability to lose about 40% more heat than a wall window. The combination of heat rising and the skylight being exposed to the potentially frigid night air is the perfect recipe for a higher heating bill as you strive to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Just as heat can be lost, it can be gained just as easily. This can be extremely unwelcome in the blistering summer months when it seems like the only focus is to stay cool. Skylights may gain up to four times as much heat as a wall window. This heat gain will surely be battled with an uptick in air conditioner usage, once again making those energy bills increase.

Another obstacle skylights present is the sharp stream of UV light directed into a concentrated area in the home day after day. It may be a richly painted wall, an antique area rug, wall to wall carpeting, or hardwood floors. That much light focused on certain interior surfaces is sure to create unwanted discoloration and damage.

Fortunately there is one solution to all of these problems. You don’t have to take the tricky route of installing a fancy new skylight with specialty film or finding one that contains inert gases in between layers of glaze to prevent heat loss or gain. It’s simple, really! Just by ordering your Skylight Shade from Blindsgalore, all of your concerns will be solved, just like every other window in your home.

Skylights are prized for bedrooms, bathrooms and entryways where the magnificent height of the room is designed to maximize the light and the view. A minimal window covering is coveted here to showcase the natural light. Blindsgalore has a beautiful selection of Cellular Shades that are made of an insulating material which regulates heat to maintain a more controlled interior temperature by keeping the heat inside during the winter and the heat outside in the summer. Skylight Shades are also helpful with light control. They diffuse direct light when needed, preventing damage from severe UV rays, but can also be opened completely to expose the night sky.

Skylights in the bedroom, if not covered, will drive a cranky, light sensitive person crazy. A Blackout Skylight Shade will provide a deep, dark room that is just a dream away from heaven.

Cellular Skylight Shades are so versatile in an entryway to protect furnishings and finishes from the bright sunlight and abate the chill of winter.

In bathrooms, the demand for privacy is easily provided with any of our matchless Skylight Shades. Bathrooms can be luxuriant and discreet.

Since most Skylights are located on ceilings or in unreachable places, there is the obvious concern about how to operate the shades once they are installed. For standard window treatments, the opening and closing can be done with an extension pole that is ordered at the same time as the Skylight Shades. However, I highly recommend that you splurge on the motorized option as you simply click your remote to simply open and close your shades. Once you motorize these special window treatments, you will never regret this luxury. With motorized Skylight Shades, there is even the option to harness the power of the sun to operate the Shades. A small solar panel turns the sunlight into the energy needed to open and close them.

Skylights really are an architectural benefit to the home. The exposure of the natural light that they provide is good for the mind, body, soul and environment. With easy to order and install cellular shades, any potential negatives of a skylight can be simply managed and overcome.

Go wish upon a star. Then close the windows for a magical good night’s sleep.

Featured Image Source:Velux, Houzz