Shudderingly Beautiful Shutters

Shutters are the crown jewel in the ever growing selection of window treatments. Adorning homes for centuries, they bring an unmistakably bright and fresh accent to kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. Originally made of wood, when glass was difficult to obtain and much more expensive, shutters were attached to the interior portion of the house. At the time, homes were made with very deep walls so exterior shutters would have been impossible to operate if they couldn’t be reached from the inside. Once advancements in the building industry were made, shutters were relocated to the exterior walls which could now be operated from inside as the depth of the walls wasn’t as extreme.





Fast forward to today and shutters are just as popular as they always have been. The only window treatment considered to increase the value of your home, they fulfill many style elements by being both classic and current. Providing extremely flexible light control, insulation and airflow, easy to operate shutters can only improve a room.



I know better than anyone that every window is unique. Whether it be the shape or size of the actual window, or how you use the window to make your home as comfortable as possible for you and your family, each window has its own requirements. With all of these details, it’s easy to assume that shutters are just too complicated to work with your difficult windows, but that’s just not the case. They can easily fit in with your existing window and trim work, including different types of window sills.



There are also a variety of different frame styles with subtle details to blend seamlessly into your design vision whether you lean towards intricate Victorian or streamlined contemporary.



Another option available to tailor your shutters for your specific needs is a divider rail. Perfectly designed for a space where both light and privacy is desired, divider rails split the top and bottom of each shutter panel into two sections. Not only does this add to the strength of the panel, but it allows the separated sections to be opened and closed independently of each other. For instance, if you’d prefer light to stream into your home office but are easily distracted by the goings on in the neighborhood, a divider rail will allow you to close the bottom portion of the shutter for privacy and focus, while the louvers on the top can be opened to welcome the sunlight.





With the development of superior performing materials, today’s superstar shutters are very durable and low-maintenance. Neither moisture nor mildew pose a threat. They resist dents and scratches and won’t warp or distort with age.



As shutter technology continues to improve, so does their overall look and functionality. With a variety of options to choose from, it’s good to know that smaller louvers don’t require as much mounting depth and larger louvers provide a larger view through. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to operating the shutters, a standard tilt bar provides easy tandem operation of all the louvers, and a hidden tilt, located on the backside of the panel near the hinges, allows for an even cleaner look and clearer view.



Shutters expertly showcase our windows as a truly distinct element in the home which embrace nature’s light to energize our souls. They stylishly feature windows as our portal to the outside world and efficiently protect us from the elements when we crave shelter. Time has proven that these classic treatments will never go out of vogue as their immortal style delivers the pinnacle of form and function.



This Halloween season, we know our shutters will not make you shudder, but they may have you shrieking with joy!