Why You Should Choose Cellular Shades

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, I for one think cellular shades are attractive window treatments with their crisp pleats. You couple that with that “made to measure” precise fit in your window, and you’ve got one classy looking shade.

But, cellular shades, are more than just a pretty face.  They are also the best insulating window treatment on the market.  Because of their honeycomb-shaped air cells, they trap a layer of air that creates a very effective insulation barrier, which will help to keep your home cool or warm.

Cellular shades are available in single cell and double cell (two air pockets). If the climate you live in is particularly warm or hot, choose the double cell cellular shades.  Over the life of the shade, you will save money on heating or cooling costs with this investment.

Cellular shades are available in a nice range of opacities (how much light is transmitted through the fabric) including, sheer, semi-opaque and opaque. If you want lots of natural light, and aren’t particularly concerned about maximum privacy, choose sheer. Please note that sheer cellular shades are only available in single cell. For greater privacy and light control, choose semi-opaque cellular shades. For maximum privacy and room darkening and even “blackout”, choose opaque.  Opaque, or blackout cellular shades are a great choice for bedrooms and home theaters.

But wait, there’s more. Cellular window shades have several available optional upgrades that you may want to be aware of. The list includes, continuous cord loop, cordless lift, top down bottom up and motorized lift. Continuous cord loop is exactly what it sounds like. It consists of a corded loop which remains the same height whether the shade is completely closed or open. It is also easier to raise and lower the shade because it uses the mechanical advantage of a clutch assembly. Cordless means that the normal cords that you use to raise and lower the shade are removed. Instead, you can raise or lower the shade by pushing up or down on the bottom rail. Cordless lift offers a clean, uncluttered look. Plus, it removes any loose cords that might pose a strangulation risk for small children and pets. Top down bottom up is a feature that allows you to lower the shade from the top, raise it from the bottom, or both – a very nice privacy feature. Motorized cellular shades allow you to raise or lower the shade with the touch of a remote control button. This is a nice feature for high or hard to reach windows, or just for luxury.

Put it all together, good looks, energy efficiency, features, great color and fabric choices, and you have got one nice window treatment, the cellular shade. Customize your perfect shade at Blindsgalore.com.