How To Style A Bold Bathroom

Bold and beautiful bathrooms are currently making a statement by shunning the boring and banal neutral palette by crushing the timid whites and muted materials that have long been a standard in bathroom design. As trends shift and a more rebellious spirit for color and texture captures our spirit, this long neglected space is becoming more hip and stylish. Here’s a few ways to upgrade a dull bathroom.

Source: Home Decor Buzz
Source: Home Decor Buzz

Tile Tales

Ceramic tile is synonymous with bathrooms and green and blue hues are the most popular for their soothing tone and for the ease of this color to co-ordinate with the intrinsic water or ocean feel that the bathroom exudes. Tile designs are limitless as you can literally create an abstract painting on the walls or choose a calming monochromatic look. Since you need to keep the shower and sink area bathed in a waterproof material, why not ditch the white tile and take a deep dive into something colorful and fun. Avoid the acid greens, purples and oranges as you want to involve color not tarnish it. Tile can transform the dullest and out of date bathroom.

Source: The Selby, Tile Ideaz, & Freshome
Source: The SelbyTile Ideaz, Freshome

Pile On The Paint

Moody, cooler shades of paint enhance the design of the bathroom, radiating lightness, not faddishness. You want your bathrooms to be lively but not loud by using less saturated hues in your color palette. Mimic other color shades that you have used throughout other rooms so that a cohesive look radiates throughout the space. You don’t want a jarring color facing you in the morning, but a shot of color to perk up your day. The bathroom is the most intimate space in the home, so balance out the yin and yang that works for you. Start and end the day infused with a glow.

Source: Architectural Digest & Flipboard
Source: Architectural DigestFlipboard
Source: Flashconf, Homm, & Wild Zest
Source: FlashconfHomm, Wild Zest

Wild Windows

Window treatments in the bathroom need to be functional in addition to being stylish, colorful and uplifting. When designing a bold bathroom, make sure that you have chosen a window treatment that will withstand water and humidity and offer you privacy, yet allow you to take advantage of natural light and fresh air. With these strict conditions, you still have a large chest to dig into to find an outstanding favorite to embolden your bathroom. Window treatments are one of the easiest ways to add drama to any space- no tiresome painting or exacting tile work and hanging a new window treatment can be done by you in a few hours.

Source: Flashconf
Source: Flashconf

Roman shades and roller shades are your best bet for alluring patterns and interesting designs. Roman shades easily control light, add softness with a definite designer touch – even an understated elegance to match a modern or a traditional room. Roman shades can also be motorized for ease when covering a hard to reach place or over the bath or sink area. Roman shades are an instant upgrade for any bathroom. Just be sure to select a fabric that will resist mildew. To inspire a chic bathroom, review the many styles of roman blinds here. Roller shades, too, come in many colorful shades and bright patterns for a casual, informal but sleek window covering.

If you like to create your own home decor, look at some choices of how to design a DIY roman shade.

Source: HGTV Home, Martha Stewart, & Design Trends
Source: HGTV HomeMartha Stewart, Design Trends
Source: Fashion Retail News & Bello Lea
Source: Fashion Retail NewsBello Lea

Valances are another quick way to embolden the bathroom with design and style and you can mix or match to any window treatment or if privacy is not an issue, just tack up a valance by itself, above any bathroom window for interest. Valances can harmonize with a romantic, traditional or casual bathroom look. You get the best of both worlds with a solo valance, colorful decoration and beautiful light streaming into your room. Remember that painting and tiling are time consuming, but new window treatments in the bathroom can change your whole outlook every day when you wake up and wind down at night.

Source: Big Bingo House, Style Within & HGTV Home
Source: Big Bingo House,Style WithinHGTV Home

We might not think about our bathrooms as a place to uplift our spirits, but it is where we face ourselves in some of the harshest light and in some of our barest moments. Make this space a room to reflect the best of who we are.

Source: Urban Outfitters
Source: Urban Outfitters
Featured Image Source: Architectural Digest


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