Our Favorite Motorized Blinds and Shades

Upgrading your home with motorized blinds and shades is one of the fastest-growing trends in home décor for 2024. There are a lot of options available, which could leave you wondering what are the best motorized blinds, who makes the best motorized blinds, or where is the best place to buy motorized blinds.

Don’t worry, nobody knows blinds better than we do. Here are our top picks for the best motorized blinds and shades for the new year.

Our Favorite Motorized Shades

Boutique Natural Woven Shades in Select Weaves

Let’s start strong. What are the best motorized blinds? Our Boutique Natural Woven Shades are my top pick. Each shade is hand-crafted with organic materials that are bursting with natural beauty. Small gaps in the fabric will also softly filter any incoming light to make your room absolutely glow. With a variety of earthy tones available, you’ll be able to create a warm, relaxed environment in any room. You can also include a privacy liner or blackout liner on the back of your natural woven shade to find the perfect mix of incoming light. No need to worry about HOA regulations. The face of the liner is color coordinated to the color of the shade while the street side of the liner is bright white.

As with all motorized shades, the Boutique Natural Woven Shades are cordless which will create a clean, clutter-free look that’s also safe in homes with small children or pets. The sleek motorized feature can be A/C powered, but we recommend opting for the battery pack feature. This convenient battery pack consists of 8 AA batteries and will ensure your motorized shades are truly cordless. Each pack will also last you a whopping two years with daily use. It doesn’t get much better than that!

You can control up to 5 of these motorized shades with a single 5-channel remote, which makes it easy to raise and lower your shades together or individually. This feature is especially useful for hard-to-reach windows. When you combine the luxury of motorization with the unique, one-of-a-kind look of a natural woven shade, you have something that can’t be beat. I consider the Boutique Natural Shades in Select Weaves to be the best motorized window blinds available.

Our Favorite Motorized Blinds with Alexa Compatibility

Envision Motorized Roller Shades

Are you looking for motorized blinds for your smart home? Look no further. The Envision Motorized Roller Shades are the best motorized blinds with Alexa compatibility. These motorized rollers offer an affordable, cord-free motorized lift that can be easily paired to any Alexa, smart phone, or Google Home device. Not only can you raise/lower these roller shades with the push of a button, but also through simple voice commands. You can even set a schedule to have your shades automatically position themselves throughout the day.

The Envision Motorized Roller Shades are a designer’s dream. With almost 100 colors available, it’s a cinch to find something to match your décor. Choose between a variety light-filtering or blackout fabrics, with both solid colors and patterns available. You can also complete the look with a fabric-wrapped bottom rail and a selection of designer valance options.

Including the NEO Smart Hub to your motorized shade will make it compatible with a variety of home automation devices. The NEO Hub connects to your Wi-Fi to give you total coverage from anywhere in the house. We also recommend including a battery charger to keep your motorized shade fully juiced at all times. The battery will only have to recharge once a year, and a full charge only takes between 6-8 hours. Perfect timing to power up overnight. Don’t let the striking simplicity and minimalist appeal of these shades fool you. Smart home compatibility and a wide range of customizable options have us thinking the Envision Motorized Roller Shades are the shades of the future.

Our Favorite Motorized Blackout Blinds

Harmony Cellular Shades with Blackout Fabric

Blackout shades are ideal for creating a pitch-black bedroom, a peaceful nursery, or cutting back on the glare for the next big game. In this category, the Harmony Cellular Shades are in a league of their own. Available in dozens of colors, these cordless cellular shades offer super insulation and unparalleled style. They can also be configured with a rechargeable Bluetooth motorization option, making them compatible with a variety of smart devices.

It’s never been easier to sleep in on extra sunny mornings. The blackout fabric on these Harmony shades can block up to 99% of incoming light. As soon as you want a pitch-black room, simply flip open the Motion Blinds app on your phone or any Bluetooth-compatible device and get total control with the push of a button. You can also include an optional Smart Hub for Wi-Fi connectivity that will allow you to pair with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device.

You can choose between either a single or double cell, with a double cell adding an extra layer of insulation to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The rechargeable Bluetooth option also includes a very accessible USB-C port on the front of your headrail to make recharging a breeze. It doesn’t get any easier than that! These innovative Harmony Cellular Shades with Blackout Fabric combine advanced technology, superior light control, and stylish design to create one of the coolest window coverings on the market.

Our Favorite Motorized Shades on a Budget

Blindsgalore Motorized Cellular Shades with Light Filtering

While motorized window coverings are sometimes associated with a higher price tag, that doesn’t mean you’ll always have to break the bank. Blindsgalore’s Motorized Cellular Shades with Light Filtering are both budget-friendly and benefit heavy. These shades have light filtering abilities, which will protect your furniture from harmful UV rays. The light filtering fabric will provide both light and privacy, ensuring your windows are covered when the shades are down, while leaving your room bright and welcoming. A great addition to any bathroom, office, kitchen, or living room.

As with all cellular shades, they are designed to be energy efficient. The insulating barrier these cells provide will regulate the temperature inside your home, taking some of the heat off your HVAC system. This will likely save you a few dollars on your monthly utility bills. On top of the added insulation and energy-saving properties that cellular shades provide, these beauties can be controlled using either a 1 or 6-channel remote. For most homes, that means you’ll be able to control matching shades for an entire room (or more) with just a single remote. As a motorized product, Blindsgalore’s motorized cellular shades are naturally cordless which makes them a safe choice for homes with small children or pets. You’ll also get a more modern look with no dangling cords.

Offered in a handful of neutral fabric colors and starting at an economical price, these impressive cellular shades from Blindsgalore provide a full-scale motorized solution for your windows. With the addition of a Smart Blinds Hub, you will even be able to link your shades to your smart home or smart devices. With potential energy savings and easy DIY installation, these shades are a smart investment that will enhance your home’s aesthetic and add to its overall value. A perfect example of finding an inexpensive solution without having to compromise on quality.

Our Favorite Motorized Blinds for Skylights

Motorized Skylight Shade with Rechargeable Battery

If you’re considering the best motorized blinds for skylight windows, things are looking up! We found a motorized skylight shade with a rechargeable battery. These shades combine both ease and convenience by allowing you to control your skylight shade remotely without having to worry about battery power. Since skylights are typically out of reach and get a lot of sun, there’s even a solar recharger kit available for purchase that will keep your shades charged all year long. Low maintenance is the best type of maintenance.

Obviously, these motorized skylight shades can be controlled via remote but they can also be linked to a NEO Smart Hub. The NEO Smart Hub is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to set your skylight to open at a specific time or on a set schedule. The skylight can also be controlled via your smart phone, tablet, or PC through the NEO Smart hub app. If you want to skip the smart home option, your remote will still be able to control up to 14 similar shades in your home.

The 3/8″ double cell and 3/4″ single cell shades help insulate your windows to keep your room cool and comfortable and help protect your furniture from harmful UV light. The material is a non-woven polyester fabric with great pleat retention that will not flatten or sag. Instead of fiddling around with a 10-foot extension pole, simply raise and lower your shades with a single click. Finally, an effortless solution for your skylights that you won’t have to micromanage. No hands-on effort, no worries.

Our Favorite Motorized Shades for Sliding Doors

Envision Motorized Solar Shades

When it comes to covering large, open spaces, it’s hard to beat the Envision Solar Shades. Solar shades are created with varying degrees of openness, typically from 1% to 10%, which allows you to see through the material. The higher the openness level, the more you can see through the shade. This gives you the rare ability to cover your window without losing your view. Since these solar shades are very minimalist and lightweight, they’re perfect for covering large spaces and can even hang independently next to each other for added light control options. While verticals are a more traditional choice for patio and sliding doors, these Envision Solar Shades rival even the best motorized vertical blinds.

These solar shades are constructed SheerWeave fiberglass fabric to help filter out distracting glare and prevent UV rays from damaging your décor. They also come in many different colors and styles, allowing you to customize your shades to each room in your house. You can also choose from several different customizable options, including reverse/standard fabric rolls, fabric or exposed metallic bottom rails, or designer valances.

Rechargeable motorization is a must for anyone interested in a motorized shade for their sliding door. Instead of worrying about scrounging around for batteries, simply plug your headrail into your battery charger for a few hours for a full charge. Depending on the size of your shade, a full charge will probably give you about 12 months of power. The lightweight material and unique see-through properties make these Envision Motorized Solar Shades an easy pick for best motorized shade for a sliding door.

Our Choices for Favorite Motorized Blinds & Shades

Our Favorite Overall Motorized Shades: Boutique Natural Woven Shades in Select Weaves

Our Favorite Motorized Blinds with Alexa Compatibility: Envision Motorized Roller Shades

Our Favorite Motorized Blackout Blinds: Harmony Cellular Shades with Blackout Fabric

Our Favorite Motorized Shades on a Budget: Blindsgalore Motorized Cellular Shades with Light Filtering

Our Favorite Motorized Blinds for Skylights: Motorized Skylight Shade with Rechargeable Battery

Our Favorite Motorized Shades for Sliding Doors: Envision Motorized Solar Shades

FAQs for Motorized Blinds & Shades

  • What are the best motorized blinds?
    I truly believe the Boutique Natural Woven Shades in Select Weaves are the best motorized blinds on the market. The beauty of these natural woven shades is unrivaled and the ability to control up to 5 of these shades on a single remote is the cherry on top.
  • Who makes the best motorized blinds?
    With custom solutions for every room and every style, Blindsgalore is obviously the best place to buy motorized blinds online. Filter your selection by style, feature, or room, and use their powerful Build-a-Blind tool to customize your shade and watch it come to life right on screen.
  • What are the best motorized blinds for home?
    The best motorized blinds for your home will depend on multiple factors, including placement, light-control and desired features. We have provided a variety of options for multiple price ranges and areas in your home including skylights, patio doors, and bedrooms.
  • Where can I buy motorized blinds?
    Once again, it’s Blindsgalore. If you can take a few simple measurements, you can order and install your own custom blinds for a fraction of the price you would pay an in-home designer. We are a family-owned-and-run company that has been at this for over 25 years. We have over one-hundred motorized shade options in every style, including products that can be linked to your smart home or smart devices.