Sophisticated Neutral Décor with @davila_home’s Custom Shades

A Note From Ashlyn (@davila_home)

“I’ve already gotten so many questions about these Roman Shades! They’re from @blindsgalore and the quality is out of this world!”

Photos courtesy of @davila_home

In the fast-paced world of interior design and home décor, the talented Ashlyn from @davila_homes has always been able stand out. Because Blindsgalore is a San Diego-based company, her sophisticated California style really resonates with us. With a keen eye for aesthetics and an unbridled passion for transforming living spaces into personal sanctuaries. Ashlyn’s timeless, relaxed aesthetic captures the hearts of DIY enthusiasts and seasoned homeowners alike.

We recently collaborated with @davila_homes to transform her dining space with Blindsgalore’s Boutique Roman Shades and a bedroom with Blindsgalore’s Natural Woven Shades. Follow @davila_homes and Blindsgalore on Instagram

Photos courtesy of @davila_home

Transforming The Dining Room

If you’ve studied @davila_homes Instagram feed for any length of time, you’ll find of treasure trove of inspiration for DIY-ers. Ashlyn’s exquisite taste and design sensibilities are on full display in her upgraded dining room. It’s made quite the transformation as you can see in the video below.

This space is a delightful blend of contemporary sophistication and cozy warmth. Three large windows flood the room with natural light, casting a soft glow on the carefully curated furnishings. Blindsgalore Boutique Roman Shades in a “Natural” fabric from our Emery collection proved to be the perfect finishing touch. The Roman Shades help to tie the room’s natural elements together and offer both style and functionality. Light is able to softly filter through to keep the space bright, while providing privacy.


Custom Shades for the Bedroom

In addition to the Boutique Roman Shades in the dining room, Davila Homes incorporated Blindsgalore’s Natural Woven Shades into her guest bedroom. Her love for all things wicker lead her directly to the “Wowoni Sand” color, created with organic grass weaves, and the shade blends in beautifully. They provide an extra layer to texture to the already intriguing room while maintaining a modern and airy feel.

With the custom shades in place, the transformation was nothing short of remarkable. The room now boasts an added layer of elegance and sophistication. The interplay of light and shadows creates a dynamic atmosphere, while the shades themselves serve as stylish focal points. They effortlessly blend into the room’s overall aesthetic, enhancing its charm without overwhelming it.


The Difference Custom Shades Can Make

In collaborating with Davila Homes, Blindsgalore had the privilege of being a part of a truly inspirational project. Ashlyn made two incredible choices for her home. Her living room and dining room have both been upgraded from beautiful to breathtaking. A showcase for the potential for custom shades to elevate a living space. We’re excited to see how this transformation inspires other DIY-ers and home decor enthusiasts to explore the endless possibilities of custom window treatments.