An Easy DIY Date Night Idea Jar

Nobody in a relationship wants to hear “What do you want to do tonight?” That question always leads to a back-and-forth of half-baked ideas until you’re both tired and eventually settle for another night in front of the TV. If you’re looking to spice things up with your significant other, this date jar is the perfect way to try something different. Simply decorate your jar and take turns filling it up with fun and exciting date ideas. Next time date night rolls around, pick an idea out of the jar and treat yourselves to a new experience.

If you’re looking to give your windows a gift instead, plan a date night picking out new window treatments!

What You Need

1. Mason Jar
2. Jute
3. Twine
4. Hot Glue
5. Cardstock Paper
6. Colored Popsicle Sticks
7. Black Sharpie

How It’s Done

1. Cut your jute to fit around the mason jar
2. Glue the jute around the middle of the jar
3. Wrap a piece of twine around your jar and tie it off
4. Cut a heart out of craft paper and glue it to the jar
5. Write date ideas on popsicle sticks
6. Put the date ideas inside of the jar
7. Pull an idea out on your next date night

Date Night Ideas

Make a fort
Play trivia
Watch a sports game and make bets
Look at wedding album and/or video
“Minute to Win It” games
Make a music video
Do a science experiment
Watch YouTube videos
Make a song list and dance
Candle Lit Dinner
Give Massages
Make homemade ice cream
Cook a meal together
Picnic in backyard or living room
Play cards
Put a puzzle together
Camp in backyard or living room
Play board games
Make a couple’s “bucket list”
Build a snowman
Spend $10 at Thrift Store
Italian Night – Food/Music/Movie
Mexican Night – Food/Music/Movie
Shoot hoops together
Play racquetball
Go swimming