What Are The Best Blinds For A Humid Room?

Certain rooms and climates experience more humidity than others. This is a very important consideration to make when choosing window treatments because if you use the wrong kind, you may end up with warped, chipped, or moldy blinds – and no one wants that! Not to worry, because there are many options that can withstand moisture for these tricky-to-dress windows. For areas in your home such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and for climates that experience humidity, you want to choose window treatments made out of synthetic materials such as vinyl, PVC, or faux wood. These materials will tolerate moisture, ensuring that your beautiful blinds and shades will not harvest mildew, warp into funky shapes, crack, or chip.

Window treatments made out of PVC vinyl include roller shades, some plantation shutters, solar shades, and vertical blinds, giving you a wide range of options to style your humid room’s windows. Faux wood blinds are made out of composite wood or PVC vinyl, ensuring a long-lasting, durable treatment with the natural look of real wood. With so many reliable options, you no longer have to settle for window treatments that don’t suit your home’s climate or humidity levels.

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