What Are The Best Blinds For Large Windows?

Large expansive windows are lovely as they fill your home with warmth and light. Offering brilliant views, allowing us to appreciate the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors, these portals are a treasure. Although an enchanting element in the construction of a home, large windows leave us nowhere to hide, so special attention is required when covering up big windows. Covering large windows can be tricky because their sheer size can lead to heavy blinds that are difficult to operate. Shy away from bulky blinds, opting for lightweight, versatile window treatments. Let’s look at four of my favorite ways to find the perfect solution for these demanding oversized windows.

Source: Iranews
Source: Iranews

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are one of our most popular window treatments for their sleek profile and small stack which is even more important for big windows as there is no need to detract from the alluring attraction of the expansive light by unnecessary blockage. A lighter weight window covering is desired and 3/4″ is the ideal size for functionality and for aesthetics. Cellular shades come in very large sizes up to 12 feet wide and thicker materials make the shade harder to lift. A huge array of colors is available to match any style as well as many choices in lift options. These shades are very customizable and are available with a variety of light-filtering and blackout options, so don’t forget to select the right choice for your particular room. For extra-large windows or sliding glass doors, don’t neglect to look at vertical cellular shades which unobtrusively stack, accordion style, on either side of the window or sliding patio door. Cellular shades are light, classy and simple.

Source: Made In The Shade, My City Mag, Harbor Design Center, Blindsgalore
Source: Made In The Shade, My City Mag, Harbor Design Center

Faux Wood Blinds

For a traditional and warm window treatment, Faux Wood Blinds do well in extreme conditions where heat and moisture are an issue as faux wood is resistant to fading and cracking. In addition, they are an affordable but luxurious complement for big windows. For a wall of windows, the 3 in 1 headrail creates a congruent, smooth look to a room, allowing the eyes to rest to appreciate the aesthetic of the design. Faux wood blinds will never disappoint as they showcase your large open windows with universal appeal.

Source: Lucindas Interiors, The Prime Blinds, 3 Blind Mice, Interior Designs Explained, Blindsgalore
Source: Lucindas Interiors, The Prime Blinds, 3 Blind Mice, Interior Designs Explained

Roman Shades

Constructed with soft and elegant fabrics, Roman Shades display a graceful feel to oversize windows and can also coordinate with drapery if you like the layered look. A stylish, artistic mood is achieved when decorating with roman shades and can be made up to 10 feet wide. A single roman shade across a wide bank of windows can be very elegant and offer you extra height if you mount the shade somewhat higher than the window. If you need multiple roman shades across a window, select a solid color or a pattern that will line up perfectly to allow a seamless view to mimic one long shade. Liners add insulation, privacy and room darkening, making these window treatments not only a “wow factor” but versatile and functional. Roman shades used throughout a room with large windows emphasize the beauty of these windows and are always the decorator’s choice – you!

Source: Arc Interior Designer, Zmartco

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are one of the easiest and most affordable of window treatments for big windows. Rollers have a clean line and contemporary look, offering you a small profile and very short stack when rolled up, even on large windows. Lots of colors, textures, patterns and even custom graphics are available on these effortless and simple window treatments which are available in very big sizes. If you are a minimalist and don’t want any “fussy” or overwhelming window treatments, rollers will be your choice for a modern and streamlined design for a room with big windows.

Source: Town and Country Decorating, Clover and Thorne
Source: Town and Country Decorating, Clover and Thorne

Large windows are magnificent. At Blindsgalore we have a wide and beautiful array of custom ways to design them and cover them efficiently and stylishly. Big is bold, brave and breathtaking and Blindsgalore is here right by your side in helping you frame this space!

Source: Atlanta Homes Mag
Source: Atlanta Homes Mag

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