What Is The Best Way To Block Out Glare?

Glare can be a pesky issue that can easily put a damper on the big game, your favorite movie, or important work on the computer. Any window treatment option will block out glare when lowered and closed tightly, but some window blinds and shades are more limiting than others, especially when some filtered light or a view of the outside is desired. For these reasons, solar shades are the best window treatment option to block out glare. Also known as “window sunglasses”, solar shades are a unique window treatment option that allow an outside view while still cutting out glare. These window treatments are available in different levels of openness, which determine how much light is let in through the fabric. If you take a look at the graph, you will see that higher openness percentages in solar shades let in more light and leave you with a better view of the outside. A 3% openness value will still give you a slight view of the outside, but the 14% openness value will give you the best view while also letting in more natural light. Installing the right shades can also help you reduce heat gain in your home by up to 77%, which will help lower your monthly energy bill.