What Window Treatments Are The Best For Front Or Back Doors?

Doorways are somewhat poetic. They are where we enter our safe havens after long days out and about, greeted by our loved ones and favorite little things. Front and back doors also make us vulnerable to dangerous strangers if we leave them unlocked or without window treatments, making them an important feature to cover and lock up. Regardless of the size of your family, your doors are opened and closed multiple times a day. Ensure that your door window treatments stay in good shape throughout the years by choosing one with a skinny profile.

My favorite window treatment options for front and back doors are roller shades and pleated shades. Roller shades are a minimalistic option that roll right up into the cassette when lifted, making them barely noticeable. When down, roller shades feature a single piece of fabric that lies flat against the door. Open and close your door freely without worry about potentially smashing your roller shades on the wall and ruining them. Pleated shades are another great thin window treatment option for front and back doors. Like roller shades, they look neat when up and remain thin when down, leaving little protrusion sticking out from your door. Both options include brackets that allow you to keep the shades in place on your door when left down. Brackets are helpful for front and back doors because they make sure your window treatments won’t be swinging around when you come in and out of your home. Whichever window treatment you choose, feel safe and secure in your home with optimal privacy and durability with roller and pleated shades.

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