October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and these thoughts are a tribute to my Mom who died over forty years ago of breast cancer.

My mother imprinted upon me a love of design, color and comfort. She had a special zest for window treatments, whether it was silk brocade curtains, woven wood multi-colored verticals or fabric covered roller shades. She was the queen of “matchy-match” with pillows, bedspreads, wallpaper and window coverings, all styled to complement each other – way before Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel became a design destination.

I even remember my “teenage room” from the 50’s, decked out in custom-made flower printed curtains, to match my turquoise bedspread and silk pillows. Not to say that I liked that look, but in those days, minding Mom was the order of the day. After spilling a cartridge of permanent black ink all over that bedspread, I was always pretty much in the doghouse.

So, it is no surprise that after many years of entrepreneurial ventures in design and business, and long after she died, Blindsgalore arrived as the first online seller of custom window treatments. I am carrying on the tradition of creating endless choices of window treatments, handcrafted of quality materials at affordable prices. Design and comfort run through my blood.

My Mom never lived to experience the ease and wonder of buying online and being able to create and select any window covering in any size, color, style, or fabric. She had to rely on a dealer or a decorator or a big showroom and pay designer prices. My Mom was denied the chance to reach her dreams or glimpse the future, but I want to ensure that this Mother’s Day, you remember to honor your Mom. Please encourage her to keep healthy, get regular mammograms, exercise and eat good food. A Mom is too good of a thing to take for granted.

So, here is a toast to your Mom and my Mom.

Love Your Mom!