Collaborating With @EastCoastDIY

Most of us are guilty of endlessly scrolling through our social media feeds, especially if you love if you love home décor and DIY. If you’re interested in do-it-yourself projects, you’ve likely come across @EastCoastDIY on your TikTok or @EastCoastFloridaDIY on your Instagram feed.

Cori, the account’s owner, has gained her massive following by creating fun and informative tutorials explaining the DIY projects that have transformed her family’s home. Cori is a popular content creator with over 5.6 million followers and nearly one billion views on TikTok (you read that right). If you didn’t already know, Blindsgalore is a family-owned business, so we instantly resonated with Cori. She’s family-oriented and shares our belief that you can transform your space easily without digging a hole in your pockets

We are excited to announce a much-anticipated collaboration — we have partnered with @EastCoastDIY to help her upgrade her family home!

The Collaboration

One of the advantages of DIY projects is that you dictate every aspect of the project. Blindsgalore makes any at-home project easier by allowing customers to shop for fully customizable Blinds and Shades.

Cori chose to install one of our Motorized Solar ShadesBali® Motorized Solar Shades with 5% openness in the color “Good Egg”. For her larger sliding door, she decided on matching Bali® Sliding Panels. You can watch her install her shades below

A Note From Cori (@EastCoastDIY)

“I was looking for the perfect shades for our beach condo renovation. I found these Motorized Solar Shades from Blindsgalore and knew those were the ones I had to get. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they were the easiest window treatments I’ve ever installed! The entire purchasing process was a breeze and I will definitely be going back for more.”