Swan Song for Summer

We anticipate and anxiously await summer-the languid, long days and nights, a few stolen moments of stillness to soak in the healing rays of the sun, a tart lemonade on the patio and before we know it, dark descends more quickly, the winds change and we grab a sweater in the evening. Pouf! Summer slips away. Before our favorite season makes a quiet exit, here are a few ways to catch the last of the bright summer vibrations.

Beach Sunset
Source: Found the World

Buy that ridiculous swan float and unabashedly jump in the pool or lake  and drift into fall.

swan floatie
Source: Shelter

Unearth that tiny tank dress hiding in your closet and proudly and bravely jaunt anywhere.

Source: Upbeat Soles
Source: Upbeat Soles

Pop open the forgotten summer novel laying on your bedside table. I am just about finished with “The Light of Days,” a harrowing true story about the young, Jewish women resistance fighters during the Holocaust. I am anxiously awaiting to read a new Jack Reacher novel to immerse myself in fiction, far away from the hellish retelling of the brutality of the Nazis.

Source: Visit PB
Source: Visit PB

Imagine the Eastern Shore and devour a lobster roll.

Lobster Roll
Source: Quality Seafood Inc.

Indulge in a frosty milkshake party.

Source: Delish

Wait for a windy day and go fly a kite.

Source: PC Beach Photos
Source: PC Beach Photos

Splurge on fresh flowers, just for you-a color crush all your own.

Source: Flori della Vita
Source: Flori della Vita

Make a peanut butter, Oreo and vanilla bean ice cream pie, slathered with Valrhona chocolate sauce or just savor your favorite exquisite chocolate-it goes with everything you wear or do!

Chocolate Pie
Source: Dawn of Food

Pack a picnic and go to a drive-in movie or create your own outdoor movie on the lawn.

Source: Ötletek a kert kialakitasahoz
Source: Ötletek a kert kialakitasahoz

Capture that summer feeling in a jar, packed with fireflies, sand, shells, sparklers, seeds, butterfly wings, sunbeams and starlight.

Lit Jars
Source: The Starlit Path

“Don’t it always seem to go

That you don’t know what you’ve got

Til it’s gone…”

-Joni Mitchell


So long summer, until we meet again.

Source: Salon Villa

Featured Image Source: Yellow House Bakery