Redo, Recycle, Renew

The New Year stretches my imagination to think of new ways to use “stuff” that needs to be recycled, thrown away or re-designed. Instead of cluttering up the garage or adding more junk to the trash bin, create some new purposes for the many objects that you thought were no longer of any use. Here are some intriguing examples of “upcycling” to surprise you this year.

Who doesn’t have a bunch of old records? With just a little heat (a hair dryer works well), you can manipulate and bend the shape of the records to create an instant wine rack or a set of “cubbies”.

Burned out light bulbs can become a unique hanging vase or create a mini terrarium with a bit of sand, some moss and some tiny airplants.

Instead of tossing out an old suitcase, design a vanity shelf or hanging cabinet to retrofit in your own style.

An old TV console can be transformed (take out all the tubes and inner workings) into a mini-bar or place an aquarium inside for a new view of swimming fish.

Remember, now is the time: Out with the Old, In with the New!