Celebrating Our Silver Anniversary at Blindsgalore

Blindsgalore celebrates this year our 25th anniversary as the first online seller of custom window treatments. We began selling online ONLY custom, made to order window treatments in 1998. Not only did we enter the online marketplace early, recognizing the ease of shopping online at home, but understood the challenges of selling a custom, home décor product that is unique to every window, that is available in many styles, colors, and shapes.

Our custom designed website is easy to use, highly visual and intuitive, yet our San Diego office design experts are here to answer any questions and guide you personally to the a perfect window treatment for you and your home. Our “real time” experts can guide you in choosing the window treatment to match your style, function and esthetics.

Blindsgalore is 100% mother, daughter owned and operated and we treat our customers as part of the family. We recognize that windows need special attention in your home for light and privacy protection, but are also stylish and provide comfort and ease.

As a pioneer in the online marketplace, I could foresee an explosion of making available to everyone a product that every home needs as every home has many windows, each with its own unique demands. I took the challenge to create a website and a company that could easily make window shopping fun and easy and offer every type of window treatments “galore”. Plus, you could shop in the comfort of your own home, or any place, at any time, without any pressure from incompetent sales people.

I love the excitement to delve into a new space to create an experience that is invaluable, accessible, and essential to the serenity of well-being. I began my career path in creating an alternative middle school with a dedicated group of young professionals, who longed for a school that exuded joy and where learning between student and teacher was collaborative and personal. That school is still going strong after 53 years in Arlington, Virginia.

After many years of teaching and a move to the Midwest, I opened the Parkway Market, a gourmet food store and café where every thing was hand prepared in our kitchen daily, with the best and freshest ingredients. Our Market Kitchen prepared appetizers, salads, sandwiches, soups, and entrees, all from scratch. Our “piece de resistance,” was our bakery that made cookies, croissants, and the most beautiful and delicious cakes from Chef Carlos.

Another turn was the Longbranch Steakhouse that thought it was a “saloon dive” but became a casual and fun, neighborhood “great steak spot”.

Then off to California where everything is new. Just as shopping online was beginning to surge, I thought selling a necessary item such as window treatments, could be an opportunity to explore online as a “custom made to order” décor item would be perfect for the internet. Every house has windows in a variety of shapes and sizes and creating a website where you could find an unimaginable array of custom blinds and shades would be exciting. I would need an executive team that would be creative, cutting edge and exacting in developing this complicated product. Since 1998, our Blindsgalore Team has been bringing you an ever-changing online shopping experience where you can design the window treatments of your dreams or just a blind or shade that easily does its job.

For 25 years, my small family of design, merchandising, technical and creative experts are constantly collaborating and creating a place where you can confidently design your own custom window treatments, from your couch or desk or in your family room, or even the beach. My Blindsgalore family greets you with our personal and professional attention. We are real people who will guide you through the process of online shopping if it is too demanding. Yes, we really do want you to “love your view.”

After 25 years, we are still a mother and daughter owned business, right here in San Diego and our expertise is unmatched.

Celebrate our Silver Anniversary with us as we always have you covered.